Enjoying a Few Hours in a Luxury Hotel: A Dream that can come true in L.A.

We all walk or drive in front of magnificent hotels that can be found here and there on the streets of Los Angeles, thinking how great it would be if we could just stop and enjoy the facilities for a few hours. Well, we have great news for you, as a company just launched a new international concept that lets people stay in their place, for a short period of time. Here is more on the subject.

For All Kind of Occasions

The idea that Dayuse came up with, is a mix of many different things that existed in the past, without being offered as such to individuals, directly through an online outlet. People could already spend a few hours in hotels, as they were passing through town or waiting for their next flight, so that they could sleep and get ready for the next portion of their trip. Events have always been held in hotels, as well. You needed to get in touch with the sales department and find a time and space. The same is true for lovers who needed a place where they could be alone, to find themselves again.

All these occasions have become reasons that have justified the inception of this internet company. It only makes sense, since hotels have so much more to offer than just a bed. Think of the spas and the pools. They are often empty at various hours of the day. It enables the hotel to take in new revenues, but it is even better for guests who get to enjoy something they could not afford if they had to pay for a full night spent in the establishment.

How does it work?

If enjoying a bit of luxury is something you had in mind for a while, and you are tempted to try it, there is nothing easier to do, thanks to the wonderful virtual world of the internet. Once you get onto de Dayuse site, you can enter the date when you would like to do your little escapade. Then, the website will suggest hotels that are available, while indicating the hours when you could visit them. It is also then that you will be informed on the cost of your stay. Once you have found the offer that fulfills your expectations, you just have to book it. You don’t have to pay anything online, and you can cancel at any time, at no cost. They really made it as easy as possible for anyone to enjoy a little time off.

An International Concept

If you are planning a trip abroad soon, you may want to look into the hotels that Dayuse offer as well. Spending a week in a 5-star hotel may be out of your budget, but spending a few hours in one, may just be what you need. Especially if you locate the ones with great wellness facilities. Keep in mind that they are also available to catch on some sleep, during your next stopover.


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