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ES fashion – Tyler on Grand

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Pied Pipers of Tyler Surfboards Grace Bonney and Jaxson Aubert.

There may be nothing cooler in El Segundo than a Tyler Surfboard under your feet, unless it’s Tyler T or hoodie on your back and a Tyler hat on your head. Tyler Hatzikian has been building boards in his hometown for over 30 years, in the tradition of the South Bay pioneer longboard board builders Dale Velzy, Hap Jacobs, Dewey Weber, Greg Noll and Bing Copeland. His apparel is made with the same attention to quality and authenticity as his boards.

Tyler Surfboards is located downtown, at 118 W. Grand. For more information visit

Colin McEwan, Jaxson Aubert, and Grace Bonney in Tyler T-shirts ($28) and Tyler hats ($25).

Tyler Surfboards Hats ($25).

Sporting Tyler short and long-sleeved T-shirts and zip hoodie. Men’s 26″ Firmstrong Urban 7 speed Beach Cruiser form Bikeorama ($289).

Hanging out at Tyler Surfboards in their Tyler T-shirts. Art by Damian Fulton.

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