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Cathie Kanuit celebrates her hole in one at The Lakes at El Segundo.

by Lucky Eight

In the 30 year history of the El Segundo Ladies Golf Club, there had never been a hole-in-one during league play on the 8th hole, a  115-yard par 3 at The Lakes at El Segundo. Then it happened, twice in two months

Cathie Kanuit of Palos Verdes Estates and Rebecca Clites of Redondo Beach play with the ESLGC every Thursday.  

Last fall, on Thursday September 27, Kanuit and Clites were playing with Kay Gladson, who 18 months earlier had hit a hole in one on the 7th hole.

Rebecca Clites also celebrates her hole in one at The Lakes at El Segundo.

Kanuit was frustrated by her putts coming up short during her first five holes. So, on the 6 green, she took an aggressive swing and and sunk her putt, for a birdie. Then she birdied the 7th hole.

When she teed off on the 8th, she lost the ball in the sun. After not finding it on the green, she assumed it had rolled into the rough. But when she couldn’t find it there, Clites ran over to the hole, where Kanuit’s ball had come to rest.

Six weeks later, on Thursday November 8, Clites was feeling frustrated by her poor play over the first seven holes. With renewed focus she hit a wedge off the 8th tee. And again, the sun was blinding and she lost sight of her ball. When she reached the green, Clites saw a shadow near the pin that turned out to be an indention about a foot from the pin. From there the ball had rolled into the hole.


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