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Fun, free and fancy spring

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White ruffled V-neck cotton dress by Gracia Fashion. $59. Available at Papillon

White ruffled V-neck cotton dress by Gracia Fashion. $59. Available at Papillon

The sun is out and spring fashions are in full bloom, leaving many wardrobes in need of refreshing.

It’s time to trade out dark winter purples and navies for cobalt blues, bright yellows and bold floral patterns.
“Nature inspires most all fashions, whether the blue from the sky, the yellow from a daisy, or the browns that come from the earth,” says Janelle Gutierrez, stylist at Papillon clothing boutique in Hermosa Beach. “Spring is here and so are its unique colors through fashion.”

Gone are the heavy layers of fall and winter. Move the jersey and pea coats to the back of the closet. Save the leggings and the boots, and make room for dresses detailed with ruching, ruffles and pleats to lightly mix and match with other pieces.

“A sweetheart dress looks great with soft sweater, tights and ankle boots,” Gutierrez says. “But with spring fashion, you don’t want to layer too much.”
Gutierrez suggests topping a fancy dress with a three quarter sleeve top for a casual, daytime look. Or just dust off last spring’s dress and flip it around.

“If you can’t find a dress in your closet to wear to work, just grab an old dress and wear it backwards,” Gutierrez says. “Of course, it doesn’t work for all dresses, but try it out.”

Model: Mandy Roth

Model: Mandy Roth

To feel “fun, free and fancy,” Gutierrez suggests pairing flowing dresses and tunics and with thick, clasp belts. But stick with a thinner belt for floral prints.
Of course, peasant blouses are back around, along with brightly colored halter tops — always a staple of spring beach fashion.

“Vests are huge right now,” Gutierrez says. “They are out in many different colors, shapes and lengths with different detailing like ruffles, buttons and pleats.”

White layered black T-back dress by Minuet. $77. Available at Papillon

No look is complete without accessories. But leave behind the bright silver and gold this season and instead, go for oxidized silver and pewter gold. Multiple necklaces of varying lengths are huge, along with tons of bangles, thick cuff bracelets, and black pearls.

“Hoop earrings will never go out,” Gutierrez says. “In fact, they’re making a harder comeback right now because they have intricate designs and patterns that make them look nicer.”

There’s no time like spring for a woman to feel sexy, frilly and feminine, although Papillon strives to make customers feel that way throughout every season.

Known for its array of unique dresses, Papillon carries international designers, such as Brazil’s Passarela and Canada’s Joseph Ribkoff, in addition to locals like LA-based Stop Staring.

While spring shopping can be fun and refreshing, it can also be daunting if you don’t know that chandelier earrings should be longer (not wider) this spring, or how to match this dress with that belt, or that while “big” handbags are out, “huge” ones are in, along with satchels (thanks to the movie The Hangover).

Papillon’s stylists help both the fashionably savvy and fashionably confused put together looks for everyday wear, as well as special events.

“We’ve dressed people who are attending the Oscar Awards,” Gutierrez said. “They were able to wear some of our pieces there and feel in style.”

“People are amazed,” Cevallos says. “They try clothing on that they never would have picked themselves and end up buying what they never thought would look good on them. Sometimes, we help find a new look.”

White ruffled V-neck cotton dress by Gracia Fashion. $59. Available at Papillon

Whether looking for a new look or not, Gutierrez says certain rules must be followed this spring.

Number one: Don’t wear excessively short dresses and tops.
Number two: Don’t reveal too much overall.
Number three: Pick clothing that you feel free and comfortable in.
“If you’re going to fidget with it, don’t wear it,” Gutierrez says.

Papillon has locations in Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. For more information, call (310) 937-6811. B

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Model: Mandy Roth



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