Get ready for Sunday – Pierhenge is back!

Manhattan Beach sunset
The Manhattan Beach Pier, Nov. 2019, for the "Photowalks" series
Manhattan Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier on 11/14/2020 by Evelyn Schmitt

Last year we told you about the throngs of photographers gathered under the Manhattan Beach Pier for the twice yearly event known as “Pierhenge.”

That’s a magic moment when the sun sets perfectly in-between the two pillars of the Pier, making for a killer shot that attracts many, many photographers and beach lovers. 

It happened last November 14, and is set to shine again on Sunday, which also happens to be November 14. Sunset is scheduled for 4:52 p.m.

Manhattan Beach photographer Evelyn Schmitt

The good news is that if you miss Sunday, there’s always Monday and Tuesday. The sun may not be perfectly aligned to be in-between, but at least last year, it was awfully close and very Instagram-worthy. 

Under the Manhattan Beach Pier by Jefferson Graham. This was taken on November 15, 2020, one day after the “Pierhenge”

Evelyn Schmitt, an under the Pier regular whose Pierhenge photo made the cover of the Easy Reader last year, isn’t leaving anything to chance. “I will be there Nov. 13, Nov. 14 and Nov. 15,” she says. 

A friendly reminder: we’re in the midst of sunset season at the beaches, and some believe that November ones have the richest colors, so any time you visit in the coming weeks is certain to be memorable. 

And the good news for procrastinators is that this is a twice-a-year event. The next Pierhenge is set for January 27, 2022. So set your calendars!  




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