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Good Stuff: Best of the Beach 2018 Breakfast Muffin

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Good Stuff server Gaby Donato, with a Coconut Pineapple muffin


There’s no one muffin to single out at Good Stuff. The muffin menu at each restaurant seems to vary by the whims of the management, but that’s part of the charm.

“It depends on the suggestions we get,” Athena Marin, the manager of Good Stuff Redondo Beach, said. “Some days, I’ll ask if we can do an Oreo Banana muffin, and we’ll have it the next morning. We always switch it up.”

The combinations can sound odd, but they often work. Take, for instance, the coconut pineapple muffin. The exterior is chewy, with a slight crunch along the sharper edges, while the interior is soft, moist and gently sweet, with small chunks of pineapple throughout. Served warm with a pat of whipped butter on the side, it was reminiscent of the best aspects of a vanilla wafer.

The holidays can see even stranger combinations, such as St. Patrick’s Day’s cantaloupe-flavored green muffin.

“It sounds different, but it was good and very sweet,” Marin said.

Good Stuff

1286 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

(310) 374-2334

1617 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. Ste. 102 Redondo Beach

(310) 316-0262

131 W. Grand Ave., C, El Segundo

(310) 647-9997

Promenade On The Peninsula,

550 Deep Valley Dr., #151, Rolling Hills Estates

(310) 544-8000



Runner-up: The Kettle

1138 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach

(310) 545-8511


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