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Parking permit renewal coming

Sales of parking permits for Hermosa residents and people who work in the city will begin this week. Residents who already have a parking permit will begin receiving renewal notices through the mail. Permits can also be purchased online starting Feb. 1, or in person at the Finance Cashier office at City Hall starting Monday morning. Hermosa’s parking permit program is the result of a decades-old deal with the state Coastal Commission, who allowed the city to impose restrictions on parking near the beach in order to ensure parking access for people who live or work in the area. The permit allows cars to park in “impacted” areas near the coast without heeding the one-hour limit imposed in residential areas, and to park for free in the 24-hour meters that are designated will yellow poles. Permit holders still must obey street sweeping limits and may not remain in a spot for 72 consecutive hours. Permits are $40 for residents, who will need to provide either a renewal postcard and identification, or current proof of residency. They cost $143 for employees, who will need an ID and a pay stub from a local business. Community service officers will begin checking car windshields for the new permits starting March 20.


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