Hermosa requires bike safety class to ride-bikes to school 

Hermosa Valley School eighth grader Jakob Jordan and seventh grader Rex Mamber photobomb Hermosa Beach School Board member Quentin Kuthe, Superintendent Jason Johnson, and Board Member Margaret Bove-LaMonica during an e-bike safety class on Wednesday. Photo Kevin Cody

by Kevin Cody

An e-bike safety course initiated by the Hermosa Beach School Board was conducted for Hermosa Valley students Wednesday afternoon. Safe Moves, a 40-year-old non profit devoted to cycling safety, tested students on their abilities to navigate a representation of city streets set up on the school basketball court.

School Board Member Steve McCall initiated the safety course last spring, prior to his retirement from the board. Margaret Bove-LaMonica, and Superintendent Jason Johnson are now leading the program, with support from the Hermosa Police.

E-bike stickers indicating completion of the e-bike safety course will be required of Hermosa Valley students who wish to park their e-bikes on campus. Students must also have a helmet to park their e-bikes on campus.

Bike helmets for riders under 18 are mandated by the State. But the mandatory e-bike safety course is a district innovation.

Superintendent Jason Johnson described the e-bike course requirement as another step in the school board “chasing after bike safety.” The effort was prompted by the surge in students riding e-bikes when COVID restrictions were lifted, and schools  reopened in spring 2021.

Since then, the district has offered bike clinics and classroom education, with support from Hermosa police officers. The district also produced a student directed bike safety video.

A Beach Cities Health District survey found 60 to 100 students ride e-bikes to Hermosa Valley, which has approximately 600 fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

The e-bike sticker requirement will not apply to Hermosa Vista, and Hermosa View students,  Johnson said, because few of their pre-k through fourth grade students ride e-bikes to school. ER


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