History of Online Gambling in Canada

We are witnessing the peak of the gambling industry today. There have been a lot of positive and negative developments in the industry, which also affected the Canadian gaming business. 


Even though many people were unaware, Canada has had casinos since the 90s. The very first online casinos were launched in 1994. In the ’90s, the visuals were old-fashioned, and the internet connection speed was slow; players had to be patient to access the casino, so you can say that these casinos didn’t have much to offer back then.


Nowadays, that is not the case. Thanks to technological advancements, players can access their preferred online casino almost immediately. With the variety of games offered, most players can find games that suit them and win big jackpots and rewards. 

The Canadian Criminal Code and the Year of Change

The first official document was created as the ‘Canadian Criminal Code’ in the 19th century to place a prohibition on Canadian gambling activity. Until 1969, all forms of gambling were illegal. 

Afterward, it became clear to the Canadian government that gambling is something that most people truly enjoyed and had great economic potential, so it was decided to make some adjustments to the original Criminal Code in 1969. 


When the law was passed, the government made gambling and lottery legal. That was the only thing missing for the Canadian gambling industry to start its expansion. For a couple of decades, land-based casinos did not face any competition that could threaten their stability. Most of the fellow countrymen enjoyed visiting many venues, which were great entertainment at that time.


Everything changed in the 90s. The rapid growth of computer and internet technology brought the first online casinos, and it signified the beginning of a new era in the industry.

First Online Casinos in Canada

The first online casinos in Canada offered only a small number of casino games since there were limited technological solutions at the time. The games at the time included poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Still, the lack of equipment was a big issue for this type of gambling to show potential. 


In the past, few people owned a computer, unlike today. That meant only a limited number of people could access the only legit online casino found here and enjoy playing their favorite games. Another major issue was the lack of regulations. However, it wasn’t only the problem for Canadian bettors, as it became a troubling matter for countries worldwide, including Polish bettors. Ever since then, countries all around the globe have started passing new laws that will determine the legal status of online gambling in their country. 

Online and Mobile Casinos in Canada Today

Many Canadian casino players gambled through their home computers before 2010. The online gambling industry in CA has flourished over the past two decades. Everyone could play from the comfort of their homes. 


Over 50 percent of gamblers today play slots and card games through their mobile devices. If you are on your way home from your job, chances are you will have your phone in your pocket. Just think about it. Using your mobile device will be convenient if you want to play online games. They are fast, packed with various games, and reliable. 


Moreover, the online gambling market in Canada is currently going through a change – due to the new gambling laws. For example, on April 4th, Ontario’s new internet gambling market opened. All of this is leading to a more regulated online gambling market in Canada, where players could rely only on offshore gambling up until recently. 

Bright Future for Canada Online Gambling

As the casino industry is always looking to the future and is at the peak of popularity, a new form of a virtual casino is emerging. VR casinos, otherwise known as Virtual Reality Casinos, have amassed nearly 3 billion investments from the worldwide industry in 2020. These casinos in Canada blend the atmosphere of a traditional casino with the ease of access from online casinos. Gamers can virtually tour a casino lobby, play games, and even chat with friends right from home with the help of VR gear. Despite its lack of mobility, there is a quick gaining of interest from investors and gamers.


Even though Canada has struggled throughout history to get gambling legal, today’s growth of gambling there is astonishing. With many varieties of online casino games and today’s technology improvements, you can assume that the gambling industry will keep improving, as it will provide much more convenience for players. 



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