How can I find an email by name?

According to recent research, there are over 6 billion unique email addresses out there. With over 7.6 billion people in the world (given that most people have several emails), that’s quite a database of potential marketing targets. But how do we locate the exact demographic for our marketing research? More specifically, how do we locate a single email among 6 billion others? Guess?


Guessing isn’t much of an option when trying to boost sales or expand your marketing campaign. Trying to luckily hit someone’s email box could negatively impact your business. Every day, hundreds of thousands of emails end up in spam folders because they were either formatted wrong or marked as phishing emails. The deal with ending up in someone’s spam folder is that it does one of two things:


  • Limit the targets that receive your emails

If you send out 1000 emails and only 1 reaches its target, that is a 99% loss of potential revenue. In both a starting business and an established corporation, a 99% loss of contact is considered really bad. Having the correct email address removes the dangers of miss-sending mass marketing emails. 


  • Potentially block your email address from reaching adjacent emails

Having your email blocked by a single person isn’t a big deal. However, many email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo have security services in place that block spam or phishing emails in bulk. This means that if you send out 100 emails and 100 of them bounce due to a block, Gmail and Yahoo could potentially block your email address from reaching out to up to 70% of their users. This would not only hurt your business but also mark your IP address as dangerous. 


Use VoilaNorbert to find anyone’s email

VoilaNorbert is an email-finding tool that only requires you to input a person’s name to locate a valid email address. They’ve built up a massive B2B database of email addresses. They check your inquiries against that database and produce a result based on the findings. Keep in mind that you will need to also input a domain in the search option. Finding domains is simple, and it’s something that you’ve probably done already. 


VoilaNorbert offers several payment options. The free version offers 50 email searches and no verification options. You can use this option if you are trying to save some money or if you are a small company just starting out. Upgrading is optional and available at any time.

  • Valet

$49 per month for 1,000 email searches


  • Butler

$99 per month for 5,000 email searches


  • Advisor

$249 per month for 15,000 email searches


  • Counselor

$499 per month for 50,000 email searches


  • Prepaid

The prepaid subscription options allow you to pay as you go and choose the amount of email search credits that you will need. You only pay for how much you use without having extra costs or unused credits. The price is $50 per 500 credits.


  • Verified Emails

The verified email feature allows you to run your already built email list through VoilaNorbert’s database and make sure that every entry is valid and secure. There are no commitments to this feature. The price is $0.003 per email up to 500 thousand emails or $0.001 per email if you want to check more than 500 thousand emails at a time.


Use to locate email addresses is a Chrome extension that allows you to find anyone’s email address by simply typing out a name. There are several additional features, but the core application is an email finder. You can also subscribe to their email verification feature, ensuring that every email address you have is secure and valid. 


There are several payment plans that are offered, including a free subscription. If money is tight, you can use the 25 email searches per month to make sure you like the service. Upgrading to a paid package is available at any time.

  • Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $49 per month, billed monthly. You receive 500 email searches and 1,000 email verifications per month. 


  • Growth Plan

The Growth plan costs $99 per month, billed monthly. You receive 2,500 email searches and 5,000 email verifications per month.


  • Pro Plan

The Growth plan costs $199 per month, billed monthly. You receive 10,000 email searches and 20,000 email verifications per month.


  • Enterprise Plan

The Growth plan costs $399 per month, billed monthly. You receive 30,000 email searches and 60,000 email verifications per month.


Try SignalHire for more than just emails

While email remains the primary business communication tool, sometimes you need more contact info. is one of the top services that can help you curate not only emails, but also phone numbers and even links to all available social media accounts. The service has over 400 million verified contacts in its database that supports bulk searches and team access to accounts. Besides, it has a handy browser extension for quick contact lookups when browsing social media. Right now, the extension works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub.


SignalHire offers five free searches a month and three subscription types at $49 a month each. However, the features will be different from one plan to another.


  • Lead Generation 

This package supports only email searches and includes 350 contact lookups.


  • Phone Box

This plan is only for looking up phone numbers and includes 100 searches.


  • Recruiter Pro

This is the top plan that allows looking up both emails and phone numbers, along with links to social media accounts. Here, you get 100 searches a month. 


Use Google to collect email addresses

When you don’t have access to email finders, Google is the next best thing for locating someone’s email. There is a lot of free information on Google — way more than you think, actually. If you know some relevant data, such as someone’s name or their job title, you could potentially stumble upon their email. Worst case scenario, the search will lead you to their Twitter or Facebook page, which also serves your purpose. 


Use Advanced Google Search to Save Time

Searching for emails on Google can be a bit time-consuming. Using the advanced Google search option can save you from going through hundreds of irrelevant pages. Using the symbols “” signals Google that you want the search engine to search for as close a match as possible. For example:


  • “”
  • “”


Guessing for emails on Google requires a bit of time, practice, and patience, but it’s an alternative for people who cannot afford to spend money on looking up contact data. If you know the name of the person you want to contact, a free Google search can be of great help. Some additional information, such as their workplace or hobbies, could be of great help, too.



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