How Gambling Elicits Different Habits between Genders

Gambling has been there since the history of man. It started with the Paleolithic primitive gambling games, and moved to the glittering venues in Las Vegas, and eventually strolled into interactive online casinos. 

The feeling is that everyone wants to receive at least some luck and enjoy the thrill of a nice roulette or card game. In 2021, gambling has evolved even further and websites like have started offering their players new types of gambling games, such as crash, jackpot which have revolutionized how we look at casino type games.

Gambling is particularly very popular among young people, and they currently bet and play casino games on their mobile devices. But some elderly people also choose to engage in casino cruises as a form of easing out.

However, while people of different age groups prefer different types of gambling, the most remarkable research results in this industry are those that reveal the differences between female gamblers and their male counterparts. So, what unites and what divides women and men when gambling is concerned?

Who Gambles More

After an extensive survey, 888 Group PLC. came with the conclusion that their audience is made up of the same portion of men and women. The result of the research is that 56.2% of their clients are men, while 43.8% are women.

The reason why men gamble more according to them is because of reduced burden of housework than women, so they have more free time to gamble. The next is because the gambling behavior in men is socially acceptable in many societies, while women who gamble are seen as women with impaired morals. This has made a lot of women hide their gambling urge and tendencies. Having talked about nurture, we also have to consider nature, and here, we understand that men are prone to more risky ventures than women, and gambling is one of those, as they always seek for activities that boost adrenaline.

However, in the recent past, there has been a change in casino marketing according to researchers. Gambling firms are becoming friendlier to women, and their marketing messages are toned down from being borderline sexist.

What Type of Games Do Women Normally Engage In

A group of scientists in Australia carried out a research which they named, ‘A Study of Gambling in Victoria,’ and at the end of it, some very interesting results were delivered about what women and men prefer when it comes to casino games.

Strategic games are mostly preferred by men, and such skill games include race betting, sports betting, poker, and blackjack, while women would rather go with non-strategic games like bingo, roulette, and slots. High skill games are preferred by male gamblers in double proportion than females. Women will normally choose lottery and scratch card games, which the society accepts, and which many people do not even see as gambling in many societies. Women will also prefer charity gambling like the one that happens in bingo clubs more, and are attracted to slots with fun characters than serious ones.

Though there is a growing popularity of sports betting among women, they still choose to bet in categories that are non-sports. You will see them placing their bets on things like Grammy’s, MTC awards or Oscars, and Eurovision Song Contests and not in the traditional sports categories of football and basketball. Now, it is good to note the system used for the collection of this data in 2008, and the fact that since then, there have been some changes in preferences and trends.

Why People Gamble

Based on a study by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the major reason why men gamble is for entertainment, but women normally do because of boredom and loneliness and to support charities and relieve stress. Women normally see gambling as a way to while away time with their friends.

The Washington based National Council for Problem Gambling made a report that states how women gamble more when they are going through huge lifestyle changes like divorce, loss and retirement. Most of them normally have a family history of gambling, but would rather be secretive about it. Women normally start gambling later in life when they have a smaller workload around the house.

Also, it is good to note how gambling companies discovered that a huge part of their audience is made up of women. According to David Patton and Jill Heater, gambling has interestingly turned more feminine and socially acceptable for women within the last decades.  Previous gambling arenas like betting shops, sports venues, racetracks and gambling domains were less attractive to women because of their masculine nature, but that has changed.

Women Are Loyal Customers, But Deposit Less

According to the 888 research, women and men have different attitudes when it comes to depositing. It was discovered that 51.8% of 888 female clients normally pay between 1 and 10 pounds each week, compared to only 35.9% of men that make such payment. The percentage of women that can deposit up to 20GBP is just 19%, while more percentage of men do it often. Up to 25% of men deposit even much more than that. The deposits that men place are normally twice as big as that of women, and here, we mean bets higher than 500GBP.

On another hand, women normally maintain loyalty to a single brand, and this makes them long term customers. But men prefer to test multiple platforms simultaneously. 35% of the women involved in the survey are loyal to the 888 platform alone, and the percentage of participants that also pay in other casinos is just 31%.  But the percentage of men playing in a single casino is just 29, while 33% play in multiple casinos. So, though women pay in less, they will always stick to the casino they like once they find it. But men are always running around, looking for the platform that pays better or where bigger and better bonuses are found.

A Different Approach to Gambling

Though men and women often gamble on equal levels, this is done in different ways and for different reasons. Men use this as an avenue to seek monetary gains through their knowledge of sports or casino games, so as to create the reputation and also enjoy the thrill. But women see gambling as a mere pastime and hobby most times, and they use it to socialize and interact with others, and forget their troubles. Though they wager tiny amounts, they are seen as very valuable assets in revenue making, because they normally stick to one brand.



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