Huge crowd gathered to watch sun set in-between Manhattan Beach’s Light Gate

About 200 people came to the Manhattan Beach Library to watch the sun set, by Jefferson Graham

Over 200 people came out Friday night to watch the sun set directly within the Light Gate art project at the Manhattan Beach Library on 14th street.  

“I’ve been coming here for years, and this is by far the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen for this,” said Tracy Windes, a member of the Manhattan Beach Library Commission, which gave out free books and chocolates to the crowd. “We bought 300 pieces of candy, and they were all snapped up.”

After the sun set at the Light Gate artwork in Manhattan Beach by Jefferson Graham

Twice a year, in November and January, the sun sets perfectly in-between the pilings of the Manhattan Beach Pier and the Light Gate artwork.
Light Gate is made of glass, laminated with prismatic lighting film that creates rich and varied light effects with the sun, in multiple colors. 
The official days are January 27th and November 14th, but the sun often puts a pretty close show in the days prior and afterwards as well.

The crowd gather behind the Light Gate artwork to watch the sun set on Friday, 1/27 at the Manhattan Beach Public Library, by Jefferson Graham

Huge crowds also congregate under the Manhattan Beach Pier to watch the sun set there as well. Every night, but especially on January 27 and Nov. 14. 


Light Gate 2022. Photo by Ruth Stroud

Photo by John Post (C)



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