Is a Heat Recovery System Right for Your Office? 

Whether you are looking to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs or create a healthier working environment for your employees, a heat recovery system is the perfect solution for your office. Not only will this increase the credibility of your business by becoming more sustainable with greener solutions in mind, but it will also efficiently reduce your heating costs. The air in your office environment will be much cleaner and more constant and will provide your employees with a healthier working environment. 

Greener Solutions

If your business takes your carbon footprint seriously, using a heat recovery system along with other green strategies like recycling can greatly decrease your carbon emissions. How you choose your MVHR unit depends on size, budget, specifications, orientation, efficiency savings and maintenance requirements. 

Less energy is required, thereby reducing your carbon emissions while saving you money as well. Most new buildings incorporate these systems to automatically reduce costs and provide a more sustainable environment. Retrofitting can be done on an existing building but bespoke solutions may be required. These are more costly but the payback can be rapid if the correct system is installed.

Reducing Costs

Each unit has a heat recovery element to facilitate the heat exchange. This transfers heat that would otherwise be lost and need to be recreated and paid for. Heat is recovered from the warm, stale air and transferred into the incoming fresh air using the heat exchanger. This eliminates the need to reheat the space the air was taken from. Any accumulated particulates, odours and humidity from activities within the office are filtered and only the heat is recovered. Additional heating may be added to bring the air from the outside up to the required temperature and this filtered, warmed air is then distributed through the ductwork. Up to 80% of the heat energy contained in the outgoing air is captured and recycled. This means less stress on heating equipment that in turn means less wear and tear, extending the life span of the system and requiring less maintenance.

Healthier Employees

The heat recovery system ensures that carbon dioxide levels are kept low, while also filtering the air to provide the ideal environment for optimal concentration and awareness. This improved air quality with fewer pollutants and allergens reduces fatigue and tiredness. It also prevents mould and condensation and, as all air is filtered, it reduces contaminants, bacteria and pollen levels. This means fewer health problems for employees as the air supply is constant, clean and healthy, ensuring comfort and a sense of well-being. The air your employees breathe will be clean, at the right temperature and with optimal humidity levels. A healthy building results in healthy employees. The self-contained environment with a superior ventilation system supplies cleaner air that is essential for good health.

A heat recovery system is right for any office no matter the size, budget, age or specifications. The benefits are huge and manifold and every office should be investigating this option for a healthier working environment, healthier employees, healthier energy bills and a more sustainable business.


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