Jackpot in a Casino: What It Is and How to Hit It

Playing slot games in an online casino is more exciting if a gamer has the opportunity to receive the main prize that goes beyond the number of standard winnings. It’s all about the jackpot. Knowing that you can hit the grand prize in a few spins will make your game even more exciting, agree?


Many gamblers dream of winning the jackpot. But first, a new player is recommended to practice at Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot Demo in order to understand how slots work and boost their skills. This review will focus on the definition of what a jackpot is, its types, the impact on the technical parameters of the slot, and the features of a gaming emulator.

Types of Jackpots

In practice, the following types of jackpots are distinguished according to their value and nature:


  • Fixed jackpots – The peculiarity of the fixed jackpot is that its size does not grow with the number of games played. The popularity of such jackpots is not as high as that of progressive ones.
  • Progressive jackpots – The best thing about a progressive jackpot is that its prize pool is on the constant rise. And it is directly determined by the number of spins. Progressive jackpot slots accumulate a prize pool with every stake being made there. Therefore, on the web, where the number of players counts in the millions, huge prize money is recruited. If a player makes a winning combo on the slot machine, one hits the jackpot. If none of the players makes such a combo, the prize fund is not raffled but only grows.

Methods for Generating Progressive Jackpots

There are three main methods of generating progressive jackpots that are used today:


  • “Stand Alone Progressive” – ​​the jackpot is generated from a prize pool from a single slot machine and the stakes are made only on it. The grand prize is not huge here, but the chances of winning it are much greater than in other variants.
  • “In House” – a progressive jackpot is accumulated in a particular establishment from all slot machines of a given manufacturer.
  • “Area Wide” – it is used for large progressive jackpots. The prize fund is formed by an independent provider. The latter gets deductions from a whole network of gambling establishments using this gaming software.

Who Pays Winnings – Casino or Provider?

The terms of payments in jackpots are spelt out in the agreement with the gambling establishment. As a rule, large accumulative prizes in slots are formed based on the Area Wide system, where each progressive game brings money to a common piggy bank. And it is an independent provider who is responsible for it. And in this case, there are usually no issues with payments. There are sometimes algorithms where 90% of the winnings are given by the game dev company and 10% is paid by the online casino operator. But it is better that you check this information in advance.

Final Say!

To sry-rise the chance of winning the jackpot, it is recommended to choose an online casino with slots from top companies. Some of such providers are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Novomatic. By playing the slots from these companies, you guarantee a real chance to win a big jackpot and really get this money. In addition, slots from top developers have a modern and attractive interface, lots of bonus features, and an interesting storyline.


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