LA County closes Dockweiler RV park for possible use as a COVID-19 quarantine area

Dockweiler Beach RV park will be closed for use as a possible COVID-19 quarantine area.


The County of Los Angeles is closing the Dockweiller Beach RV park for possible use as a novel coronavirus quarantine area. 

Notices were passed out to current residents of the RV Park on Friday. According to Fox News 11, which first reported on the closure, the notice said that current reservations would be canceled “due to the need for emergency shelter related to the COVID-19 virus.” 

“Please be assured that the Department of Beaches and Harbors will refund fees related to the cancellation of your stay here,” the notice stated.

Dockweiler Beach and the adjacent RV park are within the jurisdiction and control of LA County. El Segundo officials were informed of the plan. 

“LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn and her Office of Emergency Management were in contact before they began closing the Dockweiler RV Park for its regular use,” said Mayor Drew Boyles.  “The City of El Segundo has been made aware of their plans for housing quarantined or isolated people in RVs at Dockweiler as well as the wraparound services, including security, medical, food, prescription services at the facility. Our public safety and city officials are aware and precautions are in place.”  

The city was told those who may be housed at Dockweiler location will likely be people who cannot self-isolate in their residence and need County support. LA County is provisionally planning to use multiple locations throughout the region to temporarily house people who may have been ordered to isolate or quarantine by the Department of Public Health due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

“LA County will work with private sector providers, faith-based groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and government partners to support those in isolation or quarantine with comprehensive services to ensure their safety, health and well-being,” a statement from the city of El Segundo said.  “Supportive housing facilities will be distributed across all areas of the County to limit disruptions as much as possible. 

“This is an emergency action that Los Angeles County is taking to comply with the Department of Public Health’s orders to keep the entire County safe,” the statement said. “Please avoid this area until further notice.”



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