Letter to the Editor: 5-20-2021

North Redondo upended

Dear ER:

On May 11, 2021, the Redondo Beach City Council, in a 3-2 vote, approved more housing in North Redondo. The units in question are being planned at the Vons site in North Redondo and two Kingsdale Avenue  parcels at Artesia Boulevard and 182nd Street. Many people, including Council Members Laura Emdee and Christian Horvath, were not happy with the final result. Folks realize when the houses are built and sold, Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Adams Middle Schools are going to experience overcrowding. Even Redondo Union High School is already at the end of the rope, because the high school is populated with over 3,000 students. The City of Carson opened a joint middle and high school (Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School) in 2011 and it was a success. Why can’t North Redondo Beach have a 6th through 12th grade school like that? In that way, Adams Middle, Mira Costa High (MBUSD), and Redondo Union High Schools would not be overcrowded in the next decades.

Alexandros Martinez

Redondo Beach


Congrats Jackson

Dear ER:

Now that most of the Hermosa Beach election results are in, I congratulate Raymond Jackson on his win. We are now all counting on him to help our city recover and prosper. Thanks to all the candidates and everyone who participated in this election. It was an honor to talk with residents about what they care about. Those conversations confirmed my belief that we have more in common than we have differences. Now, we have the opportunity to all work together to make Hermosa Beach an even better place to live. My campaign for city council was not the beginning of my public service and it certainly will not be the end. I will continue to engage with our elected officials, reach out and organize residents and work on the issues that I and so many residents care about.

Dean Francois

Hermosa Beach


Not cool?

Dear ER:

Last week, Hermosa Beach School Superintendent Dr. Jason Johnson read my public comment to the school board which contained some very explicit language. I assume full responsibility, so any offense or criticism should be directed toward me, only.  Dr. Johnson was legally required to read my public comment. The purpose of the letter was to mock the identity politics of the Hermosa Beach School Board, which hired a social justice consultant to develop an anti-white indoctrination curriculum. I used the glorification of the song “WAP,” by Cardi B, as a contrarian viewpoint to the Woke ideology that blames systemic racism for everything. The real issue is culture, not racism.

Matt McCool

Hermosa Beach


Council blindsided

Dear ER:

This was very clearly a set up by council members Justin Massey and Stacey Armato (“Hermosa Beach businesses protest new ordinance,” ER May 13, 2021). It was also clear that these two blindsided council members Mary Campbell and Michael Detoy, both of whom are generally clueless about city matters. Campbell, for the first time, stood up for something that was against Mama Bear Armato and Justin Massey.

Kent Allen

Hermosa Beach


Council asleep

Dear ER:

I am a bit puzzled by this development (“Hermosa Beach businesses protest new ordinance,” ER May 13, 2021). I am not sure how an 18-page ordinance gets drafted by city staff without specific direction from the City Council. No councilmember should be shocked or surprised by something on the City Council agenda. It is their responsibility to direct staff on what should be on the agenda, not the other way around. Who is making the decisions that impact the city’s residents and businesses, the City Manager or the City Council? I know the answer to that question, obviously. But it is troubling to me, as a former Hermosa Beach Council Member, the direction the city is going under the current city manager, Suja Lowenthal. It seems she removed all references to the Hermosa Beach Strategic Plan from the council chambers and from staff reports. I think Hermosa Beach is currently being guided by the Lowenthal Strategic Plan, with very little direction from the City Council..

Hany Fangary

Manhattan Beach



Easy Reader mistakenly reported last week that Redondo Beach does not have penalties for builders who violate construction regulations. The city does imposes on violators.



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