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Letters to the Editor 1-11-18

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Legally likely

Dear ER:

To justify creating a bike path in Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach Mayor (and former MBUSD School Board member) Amy Howorth stated during the August 15, 2017 council meeting, “School districts are responsible for students, not just when they’re at school, but when they’re on their way from the student’s home in the morning, ‘till they get there for the start of school day, and after the end of school ‘till when they get home. It’s this little known fact.”

Really? My research leads me to conclude the statement is false and Howorth has ignored requests to provide statutory references or case law supporting this onerous, putative legal precept. The District would have exposure to liability if it utilized busses. However, as busses were perplexingly deemed “too expensive” for this affluent enclave, our supposedly “green” city relies on parents to transport their children. It should be noted that when Howorth revealed her arcane “fact” none of the other council members, including three who possess the degree of Juris Doctor, (Hersman, Napolitano and Lesser) refuted her statement. Going along to get along goes too far when it involves complicity in deception.  

Stephanie Robins

Manhattan Beach


Two wheeler class

Dear ER:

Good for Redondo and boo to the other Beach Cities (“Cycling diversion program rolls out,” ER Jan. 4, 2018). Living near the beach means we are constantly dealing with bike riders who have no idea about the rules of the road. They run stop signs without even looking. Many pay no attention to traffic lights or to pedestrians in crosswalks. My dad is almost 90 and walking is very dangerous as he has almost been hit by bikes a number of times. I’ve had riders run stop signs when I’m in the middle of the intersection. I am terrified that I’m going to hit someone one day. I think it should be mandatory that all bike riders take classes on bike safety.

Kaye Thomas

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Toys ‘til next year

Dear ER:

On behalf of the Beach Cities Toy Drive Committee, I wish to thank everyone who donated to this worthy cause on our 25th anniversary. The annual wrapping party was held on December 16 at the Hermosa Community Center Gymnasium. Approximately 250 volunteers wrapped over 3,000 new toys for underprivileged kids living in the Los Angeles County area. All of the toys were donated by residents and local businesses.Hermosa Beach Cyclery once again, donated approximately 30 new bicycles. What generosity from our iconic bike store by the plaza.

The wrapping volunteers, which included city staffers, girl and boy scout troops, other community groups, as well as my mates from Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club, finished the task in four hours — a record time. The wrappers were fed by local restaurants, including Sharkeez, The Hanger, Abigaile, The Kettle, Silvio’s Barbeque, American Junkie, The Establishment, Hennessey’s Tavern, The GumTree, The Fish Shop, Patrick Malloy’s, Paisano’s, Pancho’s and Palmilla.  So much time was put into make our 25th a great event including BCTD committee members J.R. Reviczky, Vicky Garcia, Peter Tucker, Richard Montgomery, Sandy Rohrbach, Ron Newman and Tim Jones.  Reviczky and Garcia have been with me on the committee for all 25 of these great years.  Special shout out goes to rockers Jeremy Buck and Kevin Souza who’s earlier fundraiser with their respective rock bands raised over $1,500 for new toys. To everyone who helped a big thank you!  Come back next year when the wrapping party will take place in Manhattan Beach at the Joslyn Center and wear your oldest commemorative wrapping party T-shirt.

Sam Y. Edgerton, III

Hermosa Beach

Significant comments

Dear ER:

It is worth a read to see how the term “insignificant impact to the neighborhood” is used in the 400 page Draft EIR for the Hermosa Beach North School project. The school board only has to resolve anything that is a “significant impact.” The DEIR includes an insanely inept traffic report that does not reflect the actual traffic impacts on the surrounding neighborhood and the safety of our children, along with a historical report full of inaccuracies and mistruths. My compliments to the city staff and City Manager for their thorough review and comments on the DEIR, which was provided to the school district. Residents can review the comments made by the city on the cities website hermosabch.org  under the home page. I also want to thank residents who submitted comments to the school district to the DEIR. It is unfortunate that the review period was so short and extended over the holiday period ending on Jan 2, 2018. The school board has the final decision on approving the final EIR and all of the mitigations. Let’s make sure they do a good job.

Jackie Tagliaferro

Hermosa Beach


Jewel of a store

Dear ER:

Yesterday I saw a sign, “Prestige Jewelers” at 3001 North Sepulveda Blvd., No. E (about one block south of Rosecrans), across from Manhattan Village Mall, where it was for 24 years. It is due to open soon. I will be among those to welcome Abe and Roula Asmar at their opening. Good way to start the New Year.

Bonnie Scali

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