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Letters to the Editor 1-25-18

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Mother of mercy

Dear ER:

  When a Manhattan beach resident and single mom suddenly passed away in late 2016 leaving behind twin boys, Nadine Nadar and her husband took the twins into their home. Last year, knowing there was no immediate family, the Nadars adopted these twin boys, embracing the responsibility and obligation for raising these twin boys in addition to raising their son and daughter. Nadar and her husband’s compassion and humanitarian spirit is extraordinary. During this past holiday season, Nadine was informed that she lost her job with our City. With her wealth of experince and knowledge she was immediately hired as assistant city manager for a city in the Silicon Valley area. So, she now commutes to that city from Manhattan Beach, while raising three teenage boys, in their second year at Mira Costa, and her young daughter. While serving as Manhattan Beach mayor, I stated that our community’s great assets were the residents. I firmly believe our residents are some of most kind, respectful, giving and grateful people you will ever meet. Nadine Nadar and her husband are great examples of Manhattan Beach residents who wholeheartedly give of themselves when they see a need. 

Mark Burton

Manhattan Beach

It’s all about croissants

Dear ER

   The lawsuit by Manhattan Beach Residents for Responsible Development against the city and Gelson’s developer Paragon Commercial Group was quickly settled. But it contains a confidentiality provision that prevents residents from learning what Paragon is required to do in response to the neighbors’ compaints. We know that Manhattan Beach Residents for Responsible Development refunded 90 percent of the donations made to their campaign and recieved a cash settlement to cover their expenses for consultants and lawyers, but not for their own work. The cash settlement was probably delivered in Gelson’s shopping bags. (Minus 10 cents for each bag). Gelson’s Market on the “Bloody Corridor” should never be built at Sepulveda and 8th Street because it encrouaches on a residential neighborhood. It’s all about taxes and revenue and Gelson’s croissants. 

Robert Bush

Manhattan Beach

Able Abell

Dear ER:

   What a thoughtful and well-written article about an important leader in the community (“Changing of the guard,” ER Jan. 28, 2015). Thank you for the story and than you Chief Derreck Abell for helping to guide our city.

Neely Swanson

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An epic effort

Dear ER: 

   This was a beautifully told story that will continue to be told (“The boy and the pier,” ER Jan. 25, 2018). Thanks to the generosity of many, the Roundhouse Aquarium will be an epic tribute to a beautiful and extraordinary soul.

Paul Gigante

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Roundhouse angel

Dear ER: 

   Thank you for the beautiful insight into Harrison Greenberg (“The boys and the pier,” ER Jan. 25, 2018). I can’t wait to see his memory live on in the Roundhouse Aquarium. I’m sure Harrison and his wide open angel wings will soar above the aquarium with much pride. 

Eline Florio

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Hermosa Beach resident Robert Jones, Beach House general manager Marje Bennett, builder Rich Koenig and former councilmembers Carolyn Petty and Kathy Dunbabin are sworn in by Hermosa Beach Mayor Jeff Duclos as new board memebers of the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce. The installation dinner was a week ago Tuesday at the Comedy and Magic Club.


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