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Letters to the Editor 10-24-19

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Hermosa backing down?

Dear ER:

Local Offers

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“Delays, like this one, give developers time to marshal the needed resources, and for requirements, such as the ones for parking, to evolve in response to changing demands. As a city, we periodically reevaluate our requirements.” This may be a foretelling sign of what they’re after (parking requirement relief) and may be construed as a willingness by the city to accommodate the developer. Something to keep an eye on [“Developer puts Hermosa Beach’s Strand and Pier project on hold” ER online Oct. 21, 2019].

Hermosa Spanky

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Developer go home

Dear ER:

This is what happens when outside developers try to force their crappy ideas on the beach [“Developer puts Hermosa Beach’s Strand and Pier project on hold” ER online Oct. 21, 2019]. It was cool without them, will still be cool when they pack up and head back home as failures.

Jake Tedesco

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Hermosa yes, Miami no

Dear ER:

Do we want our beaches ruined like happened in Waikiki and Miami? Leave the South Bay a community, do not turn it into a tourist trap [“Developer puts Hermosa Beach’s Strand and Pier project on hold” ER online Oct. 21, 2019].

Cosmo Higgins

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Times A Changin’

Dear ER:

“Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” Never thought I’d live long enough to see a Republican quote Bob Dylan [“Republican National Committee member Shawn Steel paints bleak picture of his party in California,” ER Oct. 17, 2019].

Ken Dunn

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Republicans unappealing

Dear ER:

Where do I start about why Republicans will be a dwindling minority in California for another generation [“Republican National Committee member Shawn Steel paints bleak picture of his party in California,” ER Oct. 17, 2019]. I’ll just say, the next generation will keep them in the minority because Republicans do nothing to appeal to the next generation. The Republicans’ own leadership has been their downfall. Pete Wilson put Proposition 187 (prohibiting illegal immigrants from using non-emergency services) on the ballot. Ever since it has been downhill. They elected Arnold, who left office calling California “ungovernable,” leaving the State with a massive debt and high unemployment. That was all fixed by Gov. Brown in a year and a half. Republicans in California now are just a corrupt clown show, led by the likes of Dana Rohrabacher. It’s rich that Steel uses the recent planned blackouts by PG&E as a problem caused by California’s political bent. These blackouts are a result of the lack of government regulation over PG&E to maintain their vital infrastructure. Regulations like those will never come from Republicans. 

Paul Moses

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Pox on you both

Dear ER:

Both political parties are owned by corporations more powerful than the government, Democrats only slightly less [“Republican National Committee member Shawn Steel paints bleak picture of his party in California,” ER Oct. 17, 2019]. We need a new party that cares about the average American than the corporations.

Vince Ray

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Farewell Fun Factory

Dear ER:

My grandmother used to dress up as the Easter Bunny in the ‘80s for the Redondo Fun Factories annual Easter egg hunt. It was one of my favorite memories [“Developer puts Hermosa Beach’s Strand and Pier project on hold” ER online Oct. 21, 2019]. That tilt-a-whirl is responsible for my love of rides to this day, and I’m pretty sure I laughed on there as a kid until my stomach hurt. It’s the end of an era.

Amber Ghilici

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But the children

Dear ER:

So everyone is just going to gloss over “child pornography found on his servers?” All from a guy running a family/children’s arcade? [“Developer puts Hermosa Beach’s Strand and Pier project on hold” ER online Oct. 21, 2019; Redondo Beach approves $9 million Fun Factory buyout,” ER Jan. 19, 2017]

Raoul Duke

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Massey works

Dear ER:

I can think of no City Council member more committed to serving the residents and businesses of Hermosa Beach than Justin Massey. Working beside him for the past four years, I have come to have a deepened appreciation for his intelligence and the thought and work he puts into problem solving, from supporting local businesses by relaxing permit processes and parking requirements, to establishing low-cost short term entertainment permits, to enhancing downtown cleanliness, improved lighting and safety. I hope you will join me in re-electing Justin Massey for a Hermosa Beach City Council on Nov. 4.

Jeff Duclos

Hermosa Beach City Council Member

Hermosa Beach

Independent Trent

Dear ER:

I support Trent Larson for Hermosa Beach City Council because he will be the only true independent voice representing all of the residents. He is the most qualified candidate for the office because of his years of involvement in the city, attending  City Council and commission meetings. He comes from a business background, unlike the sitting council. We need a council member who will protect Proposition 13 and who is a strong advocate for property and individual rights. Trent supports policies and programs to make Hermosa Beach more business-friendly. This will help increase the income to the city for upgrades to the infrastructure, including paving more streets, replacing the old sewer system and keeping taxes as low as possible. He will work to implement pragmatic and common-sense solutions to beautify the city and take measures to address the homelessness issue. Trent Larson will make Hermosa Beach an even better “best little beach city.”

George Barks

Former mayor

Hermosa Beach

Lawyers begone

Dear ER:

There are three lawyers on the Hermosa City Council and they take good care of themselves by voting increased salaries and longer terms. We have a chance to vote for some regular guys to put on the council, who will look out for the residents. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Alex Harvey

Hermosa Beach


Dear ER:

The large turnout for Mike Doyle’s paddleout was heartwarming. [“Mike Doyle remembered as Renaissance Waterman at Hermosa Beach paddleout,” ER Oct. 17, 2019].

Laura Carroll Doyle

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Where’s the fire (department)

Dear ER:

I would like to correct some statements made by Kristy Jones in this article [“Council to revisit county takeover of Manhattan Beach Fire Department,” ER Oct. 17, 2019].

Regarding her statement that in the county model you would get reduced service, and sometimes only EMT service: In fact, County fire responds with the closest available EMT and paramedic unit to every call for medical aid. If the EMT unit arrives first, and an initial assessment determines that advanced life support is not required, then the paramedic unit can be cancelled. The EMT level of care will be continued and the patient can be transported to the hospital if they request it.

Kristy also states that county EMTs aren’t  allowed to administer medications and are restrained in defibrillation. In fact, County firefighters are trained under the rules of the Department Of Health Services, Emergency Medical Services Agency. They all have EMT training and annual certification.

County firefighter EMTs can: perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation; carry and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), administer oral glucose or sugar for suspected hypoglycemia, perform field triage, set up for Advanced Life Support procedures under paramedic direction, provide initial prehospital emergency trauma care, assist patients with prescribed emergency medications to include sublingual nitroglycerin (for cardiac chest pain), aspirin, Bronchodilator inhaler or nebulizer, epinephrine devices (auto-injector), and a patient-operated medication pump.

County EMTs are also able to provide airway support using numerous adjunct airway devices.

Kristy says quality of care is her main concern, and that having eight paramedics on duty makes it better. In practice, only two paramedics are needed to handle each call for emergency care.

Situations may occur where multiple patients require more paramedics, but those are not the norm. The other paramedics on scene can assist with setting up additional ALS procedures, but County EMTs are trained to do the same things. All paramedics in L.A. County complete the same courses of instruction, and no one paramedic is better trained than any other.

Councilperson Suzanne Hadley would like to explore the “Goldilocks option,” combining the remaining South Bay cities departments into one. I agree this is a viable option. When I started my fire service career in 1969, I was told by the old timers not to worry because soon all the South Bay cities will be one department. That failed because of politics and egos, but maybe now is the time for that option to be reconsidered. 

Like all of our citizens, I only want the best services available to us. I believe that MBFD firefighters and paramedics provide excellent care, but the days of a small department providing all the services required of today’s fire service will entail us to consolidate with County Fire.

I have witnessed five cities join the County Fire District in my career and they all involved the same spread of misinformation based on personal agendas and egos.  

Raymond Gorospe

Manhattan Beach



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