Letters to the Editor 3-31-22

Sign pollution

Dear ER:

I find it both sad, and oddly misguided that the Hermosa Beach City Council has seen fit to compromise the beauty of our beach – specifically, the Strand and the Greenbelt – in some seemingly fanatical opposition to unleashed dogs. At every turn, now permanently affixed to the Strand wall, are signs warning of the new, outrageous fine of $250 for unleashed dogs. I’m not quite sure when this became such a heated issue in our fair city, but from the sheer abundance of signs, you might think that there are more unleashed dogs than, say, electric vehicles speeding on the Strand or cars blowing through stop signs. Maybe there’s a logical reason for this regulatory overkill, but I find it distasteful and a misguided use of city funds. I also think that it projects a message of mean-spiritedness. 

Todd Koerner

Hermosa Beach


A fresh breeze

Dear ER

It was refreshing and heartening to see the Redondo Beach City leadership stand up in support of the Redondo Beach Sailing non-profit organization, and our gem of a harbor (“Redondo Beach looks to hand off sailing program,” ER Mar. 24, 2022). For the past several decades, in partnership with the City, the Redondo Beach Sailing Club’s goals have been to promote fellowship through sailing and the enjoyment of our unique ocean harbor. Thank you, City Council and Mayor, for navigating this issue back on course. We look forward to refreshing the relationship so more folks can enjoy the joys of sailing and our beautiful harbor and ocean.

Jerry Pancake

Redondo Beach Sailing Club member 

Former Club Secretary


Sweet Abba

Dear ER:

Kudos to Melissa Staab, the Theater Arts Director at Redondo Union High School. She has done a fantastic job on the “Mamma Mia” production. After us all being live show-deprived for so long, this was a great pick. It reminds us of what we’ve all been missing — song, dance and that awesome communal experience of a live musical production. It’s only at a live show that you can experience unique moments, like that loaded couple of seconds when the lights came down, just before Hannah Kobayashi sang her first note as Sophie, when a toddler in the audience said, “I want to go home!” to much audience laughter. Kobayashi went on to sing some of the sweetest versions of Abba I’ve ever heard. There were too many talented students to name here, but of note were Alyssa Moore for her sass as Tanya, the timing and physical comedy of Katy Cloutier as Rosie, and the commanding voice, presence and humor of Jasmina Guerra as Donna. Do your soul a favor and go see Mamma Mia this weekend.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach


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