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Letters to the Editor 4-30-2020

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One way solution

Dear ER:

For more than a month now, the Esplanade sidewalk on the west side of the street has been blocked off and declared off limits to pedestrians. Was this decision intended to eliminate pedestrian traffic on the Esplanade?  

My observation is that the amount of foot traffic has not been minimized by this new, but has only shifted all of the walkers and joggers to the east sidewalk. Here is a thought, open the west sidewalk again but with a slight twist. Pedestrian traffic using the west sidewalk could only walk in the southbound direction. (Same direction as the vehicle traffic on the west side of the Esplanade, imagine that!)  Northbound pedestrian traffic would use the east sidewalk. Exposure of people walking in opposite directions approaching face to face during their walk is eliminated.

Dwight Sabrowsky

Redondo Beach

Open the banks

Dear ER:

The Hermosa City Council can help the residents get through the pandemic by negotiating with our two major downtown banks, Bank of America and Citibank. These banks need to be open, especially for our elderly residents who can’t easily get to Manhattan Beach or the Riviera Village. Even a reduced daily schedule would have been helpful. Instead of focusing on projects and activities superfluous to our needs, plan ahead and make certain our basic needs are addressed. Councilmembers start now: clean the city, inspect our restaurants and negotiate with our banks.

Andrew Myers

Hermosa Beach

Scrub the town

Dear ER:

I hope before opening the city, the Hermosa Beach City Council uses this time to clean the sidewalks, streets, Strand and pier. Let’s power wash the town. Also, local restaurants on The Strand and Pier Plaza should be required to have their places professionally cleaned. Having busboys mop down is obviously insufficient. Let’s make cleanliness a top priority for businesses and for the entire city, please.

Jim Gantz

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Q and A 

Dear ER:

As we continue to stay Safer at Home, many are asking questions about when they can return to the beach, their offices and all the other daily activities that have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand how challenging Safer at Home has been, especially as the weather has gotten warmer, and we all want to be outdoors. We appreciate all who comply with the public health order because we know staying home saves lives and protects our front-line workers. L.A. County’s Safer at Home order closing the beaches, non-essential businesses and limiting trips outside the home is in effect until at least May 15. The County recently provided four recovery prerequisites: adequate hospital capacity and COVID-19 testing, protections for vulnerable people and accommodations for physical distancing. At the City, we are making plans for the recovery, along with our partners in our neighboring cities and with these prerequisites in mind. For more information, please join us at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 30, for a Town Hall meeting with our Mayor Mary Campbell, the City’s new police chief, Paul LeBaron, Dr. William Kim, Beach Cities Health District’s medical advisor, and me. You may submit questions online in advance of the meeting and can tune in online, by phone or through the City’s local cable channels. Join the Virtual Town Hall on your computer, tablet or smartphone 6:30 p.m. Thursday. Or Call-in toll free: 877-309-2073 Access Code: 725 846 085, Audio Pin: #

Suja Lowenthal

City Manager 

Hermosa Beach 

Reopening talk

Dear ER:

As cities in the South Bay plan the way forward, a great number of considerations are required to make sure we do not risk our hard-earned progress in controlling the spread of COVID-19. We have done a great job so far and — as just one public official — I thank the people and leaders throughout the South Bay for their steady hand in getting us to this point. It is only because everyone has worked together that we are now in conversations to carefully plan the next phases. We still must protect the most vulnerable and the people on the front lines. They have carried some of the heaviest loads and greatest risks. Relaxing public space restrictions and re-opening our businesses now require significant coordination. This is happening now. Virtually every business owner is busy re-thinking their daily operations so that we can maintain our advantage over this virus in the next several months or years. So while we may still have a long road ahead in this historic global pandemic moment, know that we will figure it all out. I am inspired by all the good will and innovative ideas emerging in conversations everywhere. Stay smart, safe and strong South Bay. We will continue to do this together..

Mary Campbell


Hermosa Beach

Attitude check

Dear ER:

I read with interest how Manhattan Beach gave out 129 social distancing citations and was in a sense pronouncing that a celebration for the city. Hermosa Beach gave out none and their government officials discussed persuading and coaching citizens along on social distancing.

I have lived in Manhattan Beach for 40 years years and have always found city government to have a pronounced arrogance about it. Now that we are MB 90210 it seems to be worse. Not even BHPD gave out that number of citations. You need to be a much kinder and gentler city government, not only with the pandemic but in all other areas as well. Oh, and while we are at it, why does MBPD have three or four “dirty” black and white cruisers parked in the downtown? As a former career police command officer, I can tell you that tactic went out 30 plus years ago. Maybe it’s overflow storage, but it is a waste and shows a very backward approach. Crooks today understand long time parked dirty black and whites. 

Tom Elfmont

Manhattan Beach

Money back is music

Dear ER:

I greatly appreciate the email update that I received t from the Beachlife Festival regarding the show in 2020. What was not appreciated, was the link to the terms and conditions for ticket purchase/refunds. I loved every bit of the 2019 BF. I was there with my family all three days for at least six hours each day. As a result of my experience I bought tickets for 2020 as soon as they were available and was looking forward to the event this year. The current situation we are all experiencing is unprecedented. If there is to be no show this year, then BeachLife should offer refunds to everyone immediately, including all fees. If Beach life chooses to do anything other than this they are spitting in the face of everyone in the community who has supported them. That is how they will continue to have the support of the community.

Stephen Nickerson 

Redondo Beach

Playing the odds

Dear ER:

What are the odds a surfer who maintains some distance from others will pick up Covid-19? About the same odds that the surfer will be struck by a meteorite (“Not all is as it appears during beach shutdown in Hermosa Beach,” Easy Reader April 21, 2020). But I shouldn’t have pointed that out. When this is all over the powers that be may ban surfing because of the danger from meteorites.

Ivan G. Goldman ·

Redondo Beach

Learning moment

Dear ER:

Perhaps this protestor simply wanted people to be reminded of who we are as Americans.(“Beach closure protest along Redondo Beach Esplanade can’t compete with setting sun,” ERNews.com). It was not that long ago that we were forced to fight to establish the rights we have now. As we learn about this virus, we should be making adjustments to the imposed restrictions. Americans are a tolerant and forgiving people. But we will only tolerate so much for so long. At this point we are being told to suspend common sense. Why can we go shopping for food and walk and ride bikes outside, but we cannot go to the beach? Why is the west side of the Esplanade closed? I have lost over $15,000 and will have exhausted my savings in  six weeks. I have been self employed most of my life and all of my income sources have been shut down. Let’s think of this guy as a reminder of our history and not allow ourselves to be stripped of our heritage. I’ll call him “The Historian” and I think he will be back.

Burt Baker



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