Judy Rae

Letters to the Editor 6-4-2020

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First Family of Music

Dear ER:

For me, and perhaps for many families, The Dietzs are the ‘First Family of Music’ in Southern California. Rock, jazz, band, classical and all other forms of music — they are solid to the core (“Not fade away: How Dietz Brothers Music kept its groove in the time of novel coronavirus,” ER May 28, 2024). I can’t even imagine the South Bay or for that matter, Southern California, without this family’s contributions to the fabric of so much that is good about living here. They are truly the real deal in a place that those of us who live here know can sometimes be be so shallow. These folks are the rock, the foundation of so much that is right about SoCal and the way it brings young people to the magic of music and all that it can mean through a lifetime of growing into an endless exploration of the wonder of sound and silence.

Doug Regelous



Tactics versus optics

Dear ER:

Nothing but burning, looting, vandalism and other criminal activity. All this could be stopped if Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and other politicians authorized the use of fire hoses to disperse the unruly crowds. Crowds would not be able to form if they were hosed down the street. Also, K-9 dogs could form a skirmish line and, given 5 feet of leash, will definitely move the crowds. A bean bag officer on one side of the handler and a projectile rubber bullet officer on the other side would prevent harm to the K-9s. The politicians are afraid to issue these orders to the chiefs because the criminals think these tactics are brutal. It’s time to take our cities back. Bring out the K-9s and water hoses. 

William Hallett

Hermosa Beach


Come together

Dear ER:

Recent tragedies have once again brought to the surface the inequities and divide in communities. This weekend, we saw a number of peaceful assemblies across the country. To those exercising their rights peacefully, please know that we hear you. We feel your pain. We ache alongside you for change. And we stand with you ready to make the deep and lasting changes needed in our communities. Some used these peaceful protests as a distraction to incite destructive activity in communities across Los Angeles. Members of the Hermosa Beach Police Department were called on to provide mutual aid as part of a deployment of South Bay agencies. We thank the HBPD team, which has taken an oath to safeguard our community and earn the trust of the public. They continue to serve us everyday in Hermosa and, when called upon by our neighbors, in a dedicated, professional manner. Through all of this, we also continue to face a public health emergency that has been devastating for so many. Now, perhaps more than ever, is a time for community. This week, we kick off a celebration of PRIDE in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Many of our businesses are beginning to re-open. And we will continue to find ways for our community to engage in meaningful dialogue that helps move us forward. We can come together to invest in our community, invest in our businesses, invest in each other. Our collective healing and recovery rely on all of us, together.

Suja Lowenthal

City Manager

Hermosa Beach



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