Letters to the Editor 9-7-23

By the code

Dear ER:

I hope the safety course offered by Hermosa Valley School includes letting the kids know riding e-bikes under power on The Strand is illegal (“Hermosa requires bike safety class to ride-bikes to school,” ER August 31, 2023). The Hermosa Beach Municipal Code 12.20.220 reads: 

No electric or motorized bicycle, moped, electric scooter, electric skateboard, or motorized vehicle of any kind other than those used for the purpose of protecting life or property shall be ridden, pedaled, walked, carried onto or otherwise enter any portion of The Strand walkway, Pier Plaza, or beach at any time when the motorized- or electric-propelled power is in use. A violation of this section shall be an infraction.

Robert Aronoff

Hermosa Beach


Tag ‘em

Dear ER:

Labor Day afternoon I witnessed a horrifying incident involving a group of young teens on electric bikes (“Hermosa requires bike safety class to ride-bikes to school,” ER August 31, 2023). The boys and girls were on Prospect Avenue at Artesia Boulevard waiting for a red light to change. The boys pulled into the intersection against the red light and proceeded to cross Artesia with traffic heading west on Artesia toward them. Horns blared as drivers hit the brakes. Amazingly, no one was injured, but the children could have been struck and injured or killed. City officials should require bike registration for under age riders, along with prominent license tags to enable reporting such incidents to police and parents.

Nancy Waldner

ERNews comment



Dear ER:

It sounds like teachers at Redondo Union High School are joining the visionary movement designed to support every student in their classes (“Consultant to coach co-teachers at RUHS,” ER August 31, 2023). Yesterday I had this conversation with our family friend who is coordinating his Orange County school’s program to support each of their students on every level —  scholastic, emotional and social. I told him that he is my hero. His program and RUHS’ are models that can transform our educational systems across the country.

Barbara Epstein

Redondo Beach

Empty nutshell

Dear ER:

“This, in a nutshell, is the uncertainty principle: you can know a particle’s position or its momentum, but you can’t know both.” You can see one, or you can see the other, but both can’t be seen at the same time (“Insight and discovery, and our place in the universe,” ERNews.com). Since all of this is at the subatomic level, we have to take the physicists’ word for it.” You can see a car going down the street, but not know both its position (e.g., right in of the telephone pole) and its speed (until you see how quickly it goes past the telephone pole to another point down the street) simultaneously. Nice piece, though, and you picked a good book to review. I may even get it.

Peter Plagens



Story to be shared

Dear ER:

Thank you for “We are not free.” It is a novel my students have the option to read, which is about teenagers during the Japanese internment (“Redondo park dedicated to interned Ito family,” ER ER August 31, 2023). I will definitely share this article with my students.

Angie Yi




Dear ER:

I reached the ceiling of my limitations just reading the review of “The Rigor of Angels.” Now I’m dizzy and going back to bed (“Insight and discovery, and our place in the universe,” ERNews.com).

Troy Allison



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