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Lisa’s Bon Appetit: Best Caterer

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Chutney cheese from Lisa's Bon Appetit.

Chutney cheese from Lisa’s Bon Appetit.

Founder, Lisa Eriksen opened the first location in Torrance off of Vista Montana and Pacific Coast Highway. It was here that a legacy of amazing recipes, including the popular Chinese chicken salad, all started. What started as a quaint little café and catering company has blossomed into what is now a busy and thriving catering business. In 1991, Lisa retired leaving her thriving endeavor to her daughter, Susanne Alexander. Susanne’s health conscious lifestyle is always seeking out the best ingredients and healthy alternatives for her business. She has expanded the business substantially since moving to the location in the Madison Park Shopping Center and has utilized the creativity and dedication of the same chefs for the past ten years. Lisa’s Bon Apetit offers a wide variety of services including pick-up, delivery drop off or full service event catering. They deliver corporate lunches, offer gourmet take-out for smaller functions such as after game snacks, baby showers, brokers open, etc. Those who are looking for a higher level of service can take advantage of full service catering events such as graduations, anniversaries, and weddings.

Lisa’s Bon Apetit, 3511 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite G, Torrance.

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