Major NHL betting Canada

NHL betting Canada are still inferior in popularity to football, but they allow you to get no less attractive winnings than deserve the attention of experienced and novice bettors. Understanding what NHL betting is and how to apply them successfully allows you to get rich after several betting attempts, given that hockey bets are highly reliable.

Hockey itself is more dynamic than football: teams shoot goals more often and earn points. A preliminary study of the statistics of the team’s success, taking into account its current state, the latest news in the field of sports will make it possible to make NHL bets as competently as possible. For example, the spread of covid led to the fact that some teams were replaced by youth squads, and this significantly affected the pre-match layouts.

Best NHL bets today allows the bookmaker Parimatch on the website But first, we recommend that you study NHL betting tips given here, which will allow you to play better.

The best NHL bets today and their features

Conventionally, one can single out the best NHL bets today, which are used by betters more often than any other:

  • the bet on the outcome is the most common and assumes a prediction of a victory for a certain team or a draw. Bookmakers often put low odds on favorites, so in some cases, it is worth taking the risk and betting on the underdog. At the same time, it is worth considering the motivation of each team;
  • total in bookmaking is no less popular NHL bet. Assumes a forecast for the number of washers driven into the goal. The results can be taken into account both for the whole match and for individual periods. Statistical types of bets can also be attributed to the same type of bets: bets on the number of penalties, hits on goal, and so on;
  • handicap bets are used when the probability of winning teams is not equal. For example, if the handicap is set to “-1.5”, the winner must surpass the opponent by at least 2 goals. If the match ends with the score “5: 2” with the set handicap, the bettor wins, because when the handicap is subtracted from the total, the team still wins with the score «3,5:2».

If we talk about statistical NHL bets on Canada, their variety can vary depending on the bookmaker company. Often, players can bet on the number of removals from the field, the number of goals scored into the goal, as well as the individual indicators of the players: who is the first or last to score the puck, which players will score the puck during the match, as well as several combined bets. Most general and individual bets can be live NHL betting.

What is NHL Playoff Betting Odds

Separately, it is worthwhile to figure out what are the NHL Playoff betting odds. This is a decisive stage in the season, where a team is eliminated from the competition if it is defeated in a match or series of tournaments with the same competitor. Most of the NHL Playoff betting odds repeat the standard ones: bets on outcomes, double chances, handicaps, and totals are available here, all the same, statistical bets. Additionally, the NHL bet picks in the playoffs is supplemented by two options:

  • bet on a pass – when the bettor needs to predict which team will advance to the next round;
  • a bet on the result of the series, where you can bet on the exact final score, the number of matches played, and some statistical individual indicators.

You can bet in the playoffs both on regular time and on separate stages of the game. A live mode is also available, where the odds for events are regularly changed.

We recommend that you try your hand at each of the bets, especially since bookmaker Parimatch allows you to make bets in the “single” and “express” format.


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