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Manhattan Beach pier is closed due to COVID-19 community spread concerns

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The Manhattan Beach Pier has been closed due to coronavirus social distancing concerns. Photo courtesy the Roundhouse Aquarium

by Mark McDermott 

The City of Manhattan Beach Thursday announced that the city’s pier has been temporarily closed due to novel coronavirus social distancing concerns. 

Mayor Richard Montgomery said that the pier closure was necessary because social distancing was not occuring among visitors both to the pier and other public facilities. The city also closed all parks, fields, sports courts, exercise equipment, and other recreational facilities, effective immediately.

“It is clear to me that our community is not grasping the serious nature of this pandemic nor following social distancing protocols,” Montgomery said. “Public health and safety is at risk, and if we don’t all do our parts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it will get much worse, and will have even more serious effects for us all. At this time, in order to protect public health, we have no choice but to close our parks and playgrounds, and the Manhattan Beach pier, among other public gathering locations. I implore our community to treat this situation as the National Emergency that it is, and take every precaution to safeguard each and every person’s health, and the collective health of our community.”

Officials from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department today re-emphasized the importance of social distancing measures, and specifically noted that such measures have not been practiced in many of the county’s public spaces. 

Barbara Ferrer, LA Public Heath director, said that many younger people, in particular, appear to not fully understand that social distancing is not just for older and more vulnerable populations. 

“I urge young people to take a hold of this opportunity you have in front of you to really do what is right, not just for you but for everyone who is aroud you,” Ferrer said. “This not the time to have party at your house, this is not time to go hang out with a whole crowd of people at the beach, this is not the time to go crowding up in our trails in our beautiful parks. This is absolutely the time for everyone to practice social distancing,”

Ferrer announced 40 new cases in LA County today, bringing the total to 231, and also confirmed that the second death due to coronavirus occurred today. She said the person who died was in the Pasadena area and between the age of 30 and 50 and did have underlying health issues prior ro becoming infected. 

“This virus has infected thousands and thousands of people across the world and a large number of them are people who are young,” Ferrer said. “For those young people who don’t necessarily have serous illness, I can promise you that they are passing it on to other people who are having serious illnesses. I know this is hard. It’s hard for all of us. It’s very isolating. But this is something that every one of us has to do, and I’m really imploring those of you who are young to take heed and help us us all.”

“Everyone should stay at home as much as possible,”  Ferrer said. 


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