Richard Foss

Martha’s 22nd Street Grill: Best omelet

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The technical definition of an omelet is an egg pancake, “often with a filling added, and usually served folded over.” This obviously doesn’t start to address the various ways in which this dish can be enhanced, or the reason why one might be better than another. Martha’s 22nd Street Grill doesn’t have the most baroque offerings or the widest selection, but their enduring popularity is no mystery. They’re light and fluffy and there are little touches like the housemade ranchero sauce that make these offerings personal. It might be that the ocean view patio and availability of espresso and Champagne as accompaniments add to the experience, but that would just be speculation.

 Martha’s 22nd Street Grill, 25 22nd St, Hermosa Beach, 310-376-7786. 

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