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Microgaming Integrates the Megaways Mechanic into Their Future Games

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Big news for all slot lovers out there. If you are into gambling, the chances are that slots were the first game of chance that drew you into iGaming. Nothing compares to them in terms of a perfect balance between excitement and simplicity. Slots are nowhere as challenging as poker is, but you can have uncomplicated fun and win good money in the process. Besides, no one cares more about upping one’s game than gambling software giants who major in slots – cue Microgaming.

What’s Microgaming?

Microgaming is one of the pioneers and leaders of the iGaming industry, especially when it comes to slots. This Isle of Man-based gambling software company is a true legend. Some say it was Microgaming’s engineers who developed software for the first online casino back in the 1990s. Now, no online casino is complete without slots by Microgaming; the company launches dozens of new ones every year.

Think of your favorite titles – Game of Thrones, Lucha Legends, Immortal Romance – these are all Microgaming’s creations. Microgaming never ceases to impress; unlike some of its competitors, the company is outstanding both in terms of quality and quantity. Impressively realistic picture (or, on the contrary, whimsical, fairytale-like graphics, which is just as good) is one of Microgaming’s many advantages. 

What about Winning?

Now, half of the excitement in gambling is the chance to win money, so no wonder slots’ RTP is one of the hottest iGaming-related topics. Microgaming has something impressive to offer in this department, as well. In 2020 alone, the total amount of seven-figure and eight-figure Microgaming jackpots exceeded 30 million euros, and one of the recent record winnings was the jackpot of €1,650,382.89 won on July 20.

As you can see, slots by Microgaming are definitely worth a try.

What’s the Megaways Mechanic?

Even if you are into gambling for the sake of enjoyment and do not care about winning, Microgaming still has something for you. The Megaways Mechanic is a unique technology owned by Microgaming’s competitor, Big Time Gaming (BTG). This feature, which debuted in 2016, creates a dynamic grid interface and multiplies the total number of possible payouts. Some say the Megaways Mechanic increases the player’s chances of winning, but even if it doesn’t, the game gets more unpredictable and thrilling. If you gamble for the sheer fun of it more than anything, try something with Megaways right now.

Which Microgaming Games Will Feature the Megaways Mechanic?

The first slot by Microgaming with BTG’s Megaways will be Shamrock Holmes, an Irish-y game set to premiere soon. According to the description, the protagonist of Shamrock Holmes is a genius leprechaun detective. This unexpected ‘Bloomsday meets Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire meets Sherlock BBC’ combo would be hit-or-miss if it hadn’t been a Microgaming’s creation. Microgaming’s slots are unsuccessful so rarely it is very unlikely Shamrock Holmes with the Megaways Mechanic will be one of those.

Will the Megaways Mechanic Be Anywhere Besides Shamrock Holmes?

Obviously, genius leprechaun detective is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are cringing at the description of Microgaming’s Megaways debut but would like to see the mechanic in other Microgaming’s slots, there is nothing to worry about. While Shamrock Holmes is the first one to feature the technology bought from BTG, it will not be the last one. After the pioneer is released in January 2021, Microgaming will think about how to develop the Megaways Mechanic further and launch several follow-ups. No way Shamrock Holmes will be the last one. You will just have to wait a little longer.


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