Mobile app development is not just about coding

Do you enjoy a great service while staying in the hotel or eating in the restaurant? Everyone does. The same goes to the mobile app. In order to create a good application just writing code is not enough. The development process is much more complex and contains a lot of stages. Engineers are not the only ones you are hiring for a mobile app development. This process also involves different types of experts such as project managers, business analysts, QA engineers, and designers. All of them as a team can offer you the best mobile app development service. Under the condition that your development team is seasoned enough.

App development services

Let’s look at all types of services a business owner receives along with the contract. For starters, the client gets interviewed by a business analyst in order to formalize the idea of the project and make sure that both the developers and client arrived at the same point of agreement. Business analysts have sound knowledge of the mobile app market and the main trends so they can suggest the best ways to make your app shine among the products of your competitors. In case of successful negotiations the client receives a technical specification that includes all the details about the development process and a thorough estimation.

The next step is to start coding. Different companies such as .net developers melbourne can offer both iOS and Android native development, so it’s up to a client which to choose. Another option is to build a cross-platform app that will run on both iOS and Android from a single code base. Note that by choosing only one platform you deliberately cutting off half of the mobile phone users as both iOS and Android are equally popular and it’s wiser to build two separate apps from the start. 

Once the first part of the code is written here comes the testing. This type of service is performed by quality assurance engineers. They conduct manual tests upon applications to check whether the apps follow the guidelines and specification requirements indicated in the contract. An experienced QA specialist can also write own automated tests to make the verification process easier, faster and more reliable. This mere fact can spare you a pretty amount of money in the future.

Another vital stage you can’t forgo is project management. Project manager’s main task is to provide a smooth communication between the client and the development team. These experts make sure that all stakeholders of the project are on the same page in terms of expectations, requests and results. The importance of the project manager is even more paramount if you are outsourcing. Distance and lack of control from the client’s side can be challenging. Therefore project managers make weekly reports on what steps have been done and what are the plans for the upcoming week. This ways the clients always know how their project is doing.


And last but not least is UI/UX design. The appearance of a mobile app has a great importance. Its main tasks are to attract users, engage their to use the app more often and provide a seamless user experience. If an app has a bad navigation or out-of-date design, it’s quite unlikely that it will be successful.



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