RBPD officer sues, alleges pregnancy discrimination

Redondo Beach Police patch

by Garth Meyer

A Redondo Beach police officer filed a lawsuit Sept. 9 against the department, alleging she was removed from patrol for stated safety reasons after she became pregnant.

Daryn Glenn, a K-9 officer, alleges she was wrongfully taken off patrol in October 2021 and told by supervisors that there were no maternity police uniforms. Glenn, 28, was hired in 2017. She is the city’s first black K-9 handler. 

Glenn states in the suit that when she told her union representative about the matter, the representative offered to ‘push her down the stairs or kick her in the stomach.’

The suit, a civil complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superiour Court, seeks unspecified damages for pregnancy and gender discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and failure to prevent harassment and discrimination. 

An RBPD investigation of the accusations is underway, according to Chief Joe Hoffman. 

“The Redondo Beach Police Department’s policy of temporary modified duty reassignment to avoid potentially hazardous environments or activities was developed in consultation with an outside consultant,” said Hoffman. “It is similar to what other law enforcement agencies in the area employ, and since it affects terms and conditions of employment, has been the subject of negotiations with the union.”

The lawsuit establishes that after Glenn announced her pregnancy, she was reassigned as a dispatch officer, where she worked until going on maternity leave in June 2022. 

The suit also alleges the RBPD barred her from K-9 training and ordered her this past January to turn in her dog to be sold. 

Chief Hoffman said that Glenn’s K-9 position with the department has been kept open for when she comes back.

“She will be scheduled to resume canine training upon her return to duty after leave,” he said. 

The suit notes that a male officer on disability was allowed to remain on patrol, attend canine trainings and keep his dog. In addition, the suit asserts that Glenn’s career has suffered damage, she has lost overtime and opportunities for promotion while the stress from the situation affected her health. 

“The Redondo Beach Police Department takes seriously the allegations contained in the lawsuit,” said Hoffman. “The Police Department cannot comment further on any investigation.” ER


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