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Redondo Union High School E-bike rider hit by car

A 15-year-old Redondo Union High School student riding an E-bike Friday, April 29, collided with a Tesla at the intersection of Diamond Street and Francisca Avenue.

The student went over the hood of the car at impact, suffering a bruised left leg and head pain. The boy, who was wearing a helmet, made a left turn from the bike lane just before the collision – as the Tesla emerged eastbound from a stop sign. 

The car and the bike were both moving at an estimated five miles per hour. 

“(The E-bikerider) was at fault for several different violations,” said Sergeant Scot Martin, Redondo Beach Police Department traffic investigator. 

The Tesla had minor damage. The incident occurred at 7:52 a.m., just before the first school bell. 

Sgt. Martin reminds bike and e-bike riders when making a left turn to either first merge from the bike lane into the center of the lane like a car and signal, or to walk the bike across crosswalks.


Ulta Beauty shoplifters arrested after pursuit

Two 19-year-old females were arrested Saturday night, April 30, for shoplifting an estimated $4,000 worth of fragrance and beauty products from at least one store. Police were called to Ulta Beauty around closing time, near 9 p.m., in the 1500 block of Hawthorne Blvd. in Redondo Beach, where the suspects allegedly entered the store with black handbags and put the items inside before walking out. Maria Barrera and Jessica Diaz, both of Daly City, were tracked in their car into Los Angeles by RBPD officers, who arrested them after the two suspects stopped again and got out of the vehicle. The two were taken to the Redondo Beach jail, booked and released on bond. The case is under consideration by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for felony charges.


Volunteers create community garden at Torrance Beach Lifeguard Station

A Community plant and rock garden has taken shape in a planter box in front of a Torrance Beach Lifeguard Station building. The box was covered in weeds, old stumps and grass before January, when a group of citizens, including a lifeguard and four women who swim from Torrance Beach three times per week, began the project. 

Once the area was cleared, Anita Caplan of Redondo Beach, one of the swimmers, brought succulents from her garden for the first plants. Yucca trees followed from another volunteer, a worker for the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. 

Soon someone brought a painted rock. More followed. 

A sign now reads: “Life Rocks! Take one for motivation. Share one for inspiration.” 

“Other people take them away, and other people paint more,” said Caplan. 

Lifeguards water the plants, along with other volunteers. ER


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