Redondo Beach Citizens to make call on ranked-choice voting

Ballots need to be turned in, or postmarked by March 7.

by Garth Meyer

Redondo Beach residents will soon decide whether to choose their elected city leaders by a ranked-choice voting system. 

The city council voted 5-0 last week to send the matter to the people in either November 2022 or March 2023. 

In ranked-choice balloting, voters mark their “first preference,” along with their second and third choice. If no candidate reaches 50 percent plus one vote, whoever receives the fewest “first preference” votes is eliminated, and that candidate’s second preference votes are assigned to the remaining candidate(s). If still no one has over 50 percent of the votes, the elimination process is repeated.

Under the current voting law, if no candidate receives over 50 percent of the vote, the top two contenders advance to a run-off election. ER


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