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Redondo Beach Yacht Clubs celebrate opening day

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Opening Day ceremonies at the King Harbor Yacht Club. Photo by Kevin Cody

There was no ice in King harbor for the canons to break. The water was as blue as the sky for the opening day of boating at the King Harbor, Redondo Beach and Port Royal yacht clubs on Sunday. But in keeping with the tradition of east coast yacht clubs, all three Redondo Beach yacht clubs fired their canons, anyway. Nowhere in the South Bay is tradition more respected than at the yacht clubs.  Opening day ceremonies began with color guard presentations of the flag and singing of the national anthem. Members wore blue blazers and straw hats. Bells were tolled eight times in remembrance of boaters who had passed. And ceremonies concluded with the hoisting of the clubs’ burgees. Councilman Nils Nilsnehrenheim presented city proclamations to each of the clubs congratulating them for keeping the boating tradition alive and the harbor vibrant. King Harbor is celebrating its 69th opening day ceremony, Redondo Beach Yacht Club its 57th and Port Royal its 28th.

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