Slots Bonus Games

Most slot machines have at least one bonus game. Bonuses can be completely different in their style and format. For instance, there are rewards in which a player basically does not take part. Additionally, there are those where a player takes part; however, the outcome still completely relies on luck. And finally, there are also bonuses in which a player not only takes direct part but can also influence the outcome of the game. However, due to the specificity of the slots, bonus round does not last long. Therefore, a player must return to the standard game mode as soon as possible.

The essence of the bonuses

The essence of the bonuses is to provide the player with an alternative to the regular game. Even though the winnings in bonuses can be considerable, they are beneficial for the casino itself. Because of bonuses, players are ready to continue to make bets and, accordingly, spend money. Continually pressing the button “Spin” and “Bet” without any exciting outcome, the player could get bored or tired of the routine and leave the game. That is why bonus games are an integral part of most modern casino games.

There are two types of bonus games:

  • Bonus Arcades;
  • Free Spins.

Bonus Arcades

A player can even control the mini-game inside the slot, but in any case, he or she will not have a decisive influence on the outcome. In such games, you may need to shoot down an aircraft carrier or an alien spacecraft or steal diamonds from a well-guarded museum, without running into an alarm. Such bonuses appeal to many players, especially those who like computer games. And often users are explicitly looking for slots with arcades in the hope of activating their bonuses.

There are also special types of bonus arcades which use different scripts. These types of slot machines allow a user to have even more interactivity, during which usually at least one bonus round is present. As a rule, the more detailed and in-depth the gaming machine, the more complex bonus rounds it will have.

Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most common types of bonuses. In each game, free spins are activated differently. The number of free spins also varies, and additional bonuses in free spins vary from game to game. In some slots, there are even special drums that activate free spins and multiply the winnings in them.

How to find out what bonuses are in this or that slot

The easiest way is to open the Help or Payouts section. Here you can find out how many types of bonuses are in this slot. Often you can find more than one or even two types of bonuses in one game.

To play or not to play slots with bonuses is an individual decision of each player. It happens that a player is interested in any bonus if it gives a good win, and in other cases, a player can spend hours and even days to choose a slot with a bonus that is perfect for him.




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