Spotlight on art: A Curtain Call for “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?” Fullerton exhibition with Palos Verdes artists

The wheel of fortune cookies that was the show’s impetus.

It was on view at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center for two months, the art show based on “titles” found in fortune cookies. Prominent Peninsula and Beach Cities artists such as Stephen Mirich, Susan Whiting, Carol Hungerford, Ross Moore, and Nancy Sewell then applied their know-how and their imaginations, and the result was an exhibition both surreal and whimsical, and of course thought-provoking.

The show contained approximately 40 works, many of them featured in two previous shows (at the Palos Verdes Art Center and the Malaga Cove Library Art Gallery), but also several new pieces as well as new artists such as Tom Balderas, Amelia Amell, and Louisa McHugh.

Photos by Stephanie Cartozian


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