Spotlight on Charity – Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s Luminaries and Novas 2022 Graduating Seniors

The Luminaries and Novas of Torrance Memorial (front row) Matt Yang, Ko Tanoura, Jack Sedillos and Sean Mirikitani. (Middle Row) Taryn Loui, Candace Baik, Kayla Jung, Dina Eltawil, Katelyn Won. (Back row) Jami Galdones, Kellie Au, Riley Yang, Katie Keough, Lindsay Eisenman and Angelina Mendoza. Not Pictured: Ryan Hetchler, Kayla Kaplan, Aaron Lin, and Adela Riggs. Photo by Judy Yang

The Luminaries and Novas of Torrance Memorial Medical Center are non-profit volunteer groups founded in 1990 to provide services and financial donations to the hospital. To date, they have donated over $530,000 to support many important hospital projects. The two organizations have volunteered over 14,000 hours, lifting patients’ spirits and supporting the hard- working Torrance Memorial staff. Even during the height of the pandemic, Novas worked in escort services to assist throughout the hospital. Luminaries president, Maureen Mirikitani, announced that Luminaries and Novas have been donating baked goods since September 2020, providing over 42,000 items and volunteering over 4,920 hours for baking alone.  

The 19 graduating Senior Novas, having contributed over 7,600 hours, will be recognized for their tireless dedication to the organization at the Grande Finale event at the Palos Verdes Golf Club on May 15, 2022.   


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