The Top 3 Most Popular Casino Games in Thailand

The ban on casino activities in Thailand could not deter the continued popularity of gambling and betting among the country’s populace. Before the pandemic hit, studies revealed that 57% of Thailand’s adult population, or 30.4 million, gamble with real money. 

Surely, the number of people who participated in gambling activities has increased in the past year. Lottery, dice games, and street betting are still among the people’s favorite. However, as gadgets become more accessible and internet service improves, the Thais are becoming more acquainted with online casinos and the variety of games made available by the internet. 

Online casinos also continue to be within the gray area of the country’s gambling laws. And so, such form of gambling and wagering is neither expressly legal or illegal. The ability of online casinos to operate legally while circumventing the local prohibition further encouraged people to explore this new type of gambling activity.

Although the number of online gamblers is still comparatively small compared to those who risk it out with underground casinos, the following online casino games have gained considerable popularity among Thai bettors and punters in the past year:


1. Baccarat

It seems like baccarat is the game of choice for most online gamblers in Thailand. According to research, about 45% of online players prefer this game. It is not surprising because baccarat is quite popular even in other countries. Aside from the fact that the game is portrayed commonly in movies, its rules and game mechanics are pretty easy to understand. Thus, even beginners in an online casino can quickly follow the game and win. 

Baccarat is a comparing card game played between the “player” and the “banker.” Each card is assigned a point value where the highest possible hand value is nine. Three possible outcomes can occur: the player has the higher score, or the banker has, or a tie. 

A baccarat game is fast-paced but not intimidating. Rightfully so, it is one of the most popular casino games in Thailand.


2. Video and progressive slots

Another popular casino game among Thailand’s players is a familiar one. According to research about slots online from, 17% or 5 million online gamblers prefer to spin the reels.

Just like baccarat, slot games are fast-paced and have simple game mechanics. Gambling on slot machines is primarily a game of luck. The only strategy that the player gets to make is deciding on which machine to play on. It is not an easy feat because it takes a sharp instinct and an ability to see patterns to know whether or not a slot will potentially produce the winning combination soon enough.

What makes spinning the reel more exciting for Thai players are the bonuses, scatter symbols, and wilds that could change one’s luck. A specific game variety called progressive slot is also participated in by many fans due to the lucrative jackpot it offers. Online casinos also give out free spins as part of their promotions, contributing further to the popularity of this game. 


3. Football betting

Thai people love football, and it shows even in their betting activities. Studies show that 2.4 million Thais are engaged in football betting, and most of them come from the younger generations. Up to tens of billions in Thai baht (THB) are spent betting on a single football event.

Online sports betting platforms made wagering on football even more exciting and challenging. Traditionally, people bet against each other on the game’s outcome: which team will win and/or what will be the spread of the scores. Nowadays, online bookies have made it possible for people to bet on the resulting player and game statistics. These include the number of passes, tickles, evasion of tackles, catches, and kicks. Thais are most certainly hooked on this combination of their favorite sport and the thrill of winning real money through wagering.

Although baccarat, slots, and football betting are the most popular online casino games in Thailand, other games are also steadily gaining popularity. Among these are online versions of traditional games such as Hi Lo or Tai Sai, Gao Gae, and Pok Deng. Other casino favorites such as poker, roulette, and blackjack also have their fan base. Meanwhile, the younger online casino players are becoming more and more interested in e-sports betting. 

Online casino fans in Thailand who want to be up-to-date with the most popular games, hottest betting events, and most generous bonuses and promotions should regularly visit the casino review sites dedicated to them. After all, knowing what’s hot and what’s not will lead one towards the chance to win a massive jackpot.


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