Up Your Golf Game with the Latest Technology

Nobody says golf is so easy. It is not just a slow and solitary game. It also gives you plenty of time to talk to yourself, either into trouble or success. In other words, it is a kind of sport that is not just complicated and difficult. Luckily, the advancement in technology these days has made golf a kind of game that’s no longer as complicated as it was decades ago. Today, novice and seasoned golfers can take advantage of high tech gadgets and devices to help them improve their ability to play this sport. Hoping to make it to the PGA Championships is never a bad idea. But, do make sure that your golf skills are up to the challenge. To give your skills a boost, here are some of the latest in golf technology:

Swing Analyzer

A swing analyzer is a device that enables one to measure his swing data. It also can simulate real golf conditions which is useful if you want to practice at home. You can sync this device to your PC and allow it to analyze your swing as it simulates each flight of the golf ball. In turn, you will be given visual feedback in every swing you make and such information can be used to help you improve and develop better consistency. This device displays information regarding your ball speed, backspin, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, and spin axis. 

Standalone GPS

A standalone GPS device that is not too complicated to operate is one tool that every golfer should have. Choose one that has a built-in magnetic design that enables easy viewing. Other must-have features include auto hole advance, auto course recognition, and large display. A GPS device needs to be a real-time saver so you can also save strokes. The amount of time you saved will give you the chance to focus more without being distracted by that feeling as if you are being rushed. When you can focus more on the game, it will become easier for you to shoot better scores. 


A rangefinder is a very useful tool to help you gain a better view of that point on the green. A good rangefinder is one that makes use of a laser that can lock in on a flagstick at a distance that is more than 450 yards away. Some rangefinders can easily be toggled into a slope-switch mode. Then the device will automatically compensate distances according to what is perceived as the topography of the course. Some rangefinders also have an updated processing speed that makes it capable of reading a distance that is five times faster than other rangefinders. 

Tracking System

A tracking system is another technology designed for golfers. This device can track each swing that a golfer makes and then gives an assessment so you can better analyze and improve the way you play. Some tracking systems can automatically sync with the golfer’s smartphone through its 14 club sensors. These sensors will be installed on the club grips for it to automatically track your shots. The data shown from this device consists of an evaluation that allows the golfer to play smarter in each game. 

High-tech Golf Clubs

If your golf club was purchased five years ago, chances are high that it already has outdated features. The latest golf club these days have been designed by Boeing engineers. They applied the same principles for designing Boeing airplanes so that these high-tech clubs possess the weight, speed, and drag similar to airplanes. These clubs have patterned grooves that can be found at key locations in its club head. The presence of these grooves makes the club capable of creating an optimum amount of turbulence. In turn, the aerodynamic drag of the club will be greatly reduced. The ultimate benefit of having these golf clubs is longer shots and increased head speed. 

Augmented reality app

Spectators of golf games also enjoy better viewing as they can see the holes in a 3D angle using an app that provides augmented reality versions of it. So, even when you’re just watching the game from home, you will have the feeling that you are present in the venue. Trails of shots, along with other relevant data is shown in an animated version onto its course models. This app doesn’t need the installation of any extra hardware. 

Golfers have this never-ending quest on how to improve their game. This is why technology is also continuing to come up with dramatic advances that will make this sport a lot more interesting. If you’re looking to improve your game, better have some or all of the devices mentioned in this article.


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Written by: Judy Rae

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