Where is the Online Casino Industry Heading in 2020?

There have been a lot of changes in online gaming over the years, but 2020 seems to have brought the most significant changes to the sector. From the decline in live dealer casinos to virtual reality and cryptocurrency gaining popularity, there are changes afoot. In terms of welcome bonuses, free £5 and no deposit offers will become even rarer.

Now, you may be enjoying the games from the comfort of your home, without stepping out from your bed. But you have to know that someone is at a location manning the data center to make this possible, and the firms that run the online casinos are operating from a building which someone has to take care of.

While the virtual businesses seem so invisible, they are not completely exonerated from having brick and mortar business premises, and people that run the operation of those premises from where the virtual casinos are administered must also obey the lockdown or stay at home order from different governments across the world.

There Is a Decline in Live Dealer Casinos

There is no clear data about the number of live dealer casinos that halted their operations, but the fact is that many of them did. Most of the casinos in Europe and other parts of the world suspended the broadcasting of live games, so that the dealers and producers are not exposed to the ongoing health risk.

No one can say exactly when the live dealer games would be resumed by these online casinos. It should also not come to you as a surprise if there are some changes in the way the live dealer casino studios are run when they get back to business. To ensure that proper physical distancing and social is achieved, they may have their dealers work in a sort of increased isolation. However, this may be an advantage for the players, since this type of change would make the games more interactive and intimate for some of them.

There Is an Explosion in Online Casino Gaming

Since the stay at home order has prevented a lot of people from getting to their local casinos, there has been a huge boom in people accessing online casinos for those firms that offer both online and land based casinos. There is no denying that players will jump on any opportunity to play games. That has made the demand for online games in states where gambling is legal in the United States to soar higher. Because of that, those online casinos that accept players from the United States are definitely experiencing a boost in business this year. Many people saw the online gaming sector as a very essential and steady niche in the world of gambling, but it may have placed itself at the mainstream of gambling with the current situation of the world. Because players are now used to or are getting used to playing games from their homes, the escalation in popularity of the online casinos may continue after the lockdowns. However, this doesn’t mean an obituary for the brick and mortar casinos. If the social distancing rules continue to be enforced, then the majority of the land based casino customers would have been snatched by the online casinos for keeps by the time it ends.

The Industry Continues To Evolve Through Innovations

Though the amount of change the current situation brings to game design is yet to be ascertained, there were already steps to bring in innovations to the sector through user interface design and software development. While the world keeps getting new smartphones, lots of new laptops and tablets are also developed and thrown into the world. In the past few years, most of the user interfaces out there have received up to 2-3 upgrades per year. There have been a lot of new on-screen tweaks from software developers in line with the modern handheld devices that offer better graphical experiences and improved processing power. However, the online gaming sector must work towards a particular deadline. By the end of 2020, all support for flash based games would be discontinued by  Chromium browser projects and all its marketers including Vivaldi, Opera, Microsoft’s Edge, and Google’s Chrome. So, there would be a very huge problem for online casinos if new game software does not surface by the end of 2020. The only option if this does not happen is for users to install jailbreaking extensions, though many people may not buy into this because of the threats to their privacy and security that comes with it.

The Virtual Reality Appeal May Increase More Than It’s Ever Done

The number of people wearing VR headsets and goggles has increased. Investment professionals are touting the fact that the future of Virtual Reality is definitely brighter than that of Augmented Reality. They say this because of the popularity of VR, while AR is still struggling to get a foothold on the economy.

Experts in headsets are exploring the technology and are coming up with futuristic headgear. However, these are designed for League of Legends stars more than they are made for slot players. The work of investing in VR software to see how they can benefit from the increasing number of people that use the technology is left for casino software developers, and the live dealer casinos may have more work to do here. There are just a few VR casinos and they are not easy to find, but all casinos have the chance to delve into it. There could be an upgrade on the manner of distribution of online gambling software, the adaptation, and the cost of development among numerous casinos.

Cryptocurrency Has Gained Ground

Owing to the difficulty encountered by players in making deposits and withdrawals due to banking policies, many casinos have embraced the cryptocurrency payments. However, many people have not had it any easy with the cryptocurrency payments because it is very difficult to get in money or to cash out the same from the wallets. People have lost billions of dollars of cryptocurrency to fraud, failure in technology, and people dying without revealing their password to their acquaintances.

Amidst all these setbacks, the cryptocurrency exchange has overcome a lot of disasters and storms in the recent past, and some are still booming. Many people are confident to delve into the world of cryptocurrency, even though it’s very fragile.

It’s a simple equation for players because the use of cryptocurrency prevents them from the wild swings in market values of currencies. Casinos benefit because players do not seek to withdraw their cryptocurrency so often because of the rigors involved, and so the money is left there and it makes them always have money to play with.

There May Be an Evolution in Slot Game Designs

Slots are still among the most popular casino games out there. There are lots of slot variants, types, and styles available, and they keep growing by the day. Now software developers may not know it, but there is a huge benefit to their sector, caused by the stay at home measures in place in many countries. There is the fact that there has been a surge in the number of people that signed up for free software development lessons.

Many universities opened up some of their courses to help people get busy while they are at home, and to bring about some changes in the economy. So, the world should be expecting a new set of game designers in the coming months. The majority of the people that delved into this will fall in love with coding, and a few of them will become very good at it. They will come up with new ideas for game designers, but the interesting thing would be how they will work with those ideas. One area that may witness a huge innovation is the area of interactive gaming.

The Popularity of Esports May Soar

There has been a decline in sports betting because of the present condition, as every major sports league is shut down. Some of these sportsbooks may not recover. However, esports betting was experiencing a boost before 2020, and that made many bookers add it to their services. Since it could be run online individually, many sports bettors are learning about it and delving into it. It has witnessed a brief spike, and may maintain it in the future.


The growth witnessed in online gaming during this crisis looks like one that would be sustained in the years to come. The online gaming market can grow if all the players that came from the land based casinos are retained online. Time will tell. 


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