6 Business Ideas to Start Making Your Own Money at College

College might be one of the best periods to try out entrepreneurship. It can be an additional way to earn some money and even decrease a student loan. It will also show whether you want to continue working on your own, or you prefer a corporate environment. 

Thanks to the internet, the opportunities are quite wide for those who are really interested. You can begin with almost any type of business with little to no investment.

Start with what you are good at. Define how other people can benefit from your services. Then decide how you are going to monetize it, pick the brand name, and go for it. Here are some amazing ideas to consider.

Freelance Writing

As a college student, you probably have great academic writing skills. And these are pretty valuable. You can consider working for “write my essay” service like https://essayhub.com/write-my-essay, for example. It requires no investment, only to prove your skill. 

The perk of working with such platforms is that there is no need to find your own clients. Working for a writing service is a good opportunity to earn money while working when it is convenient for you. 

You can also learn a lot from such employment, via experience, reading a blog, or talking to colleagues. If you want to choose the best writing website, you can better browse the https://nocramming.com/ rating first.

Another opportunity is writing on your own. You can start a website that offers your services, like copywriting or essay writing. Concentrate on the creation of any content of your liking. The solo path will require some investment and might be more challenging in terms of growing your clientele.


If you have a good camera, experience with photography, and minimal editing, joining this field is a good way to start earning. There are several options, like:


  • Event photography;


  • Portrait photography;


  • Selling your pictures on stock image websites, like Unsplash or Shutterstock.


The best part is that you can combine all three of them. You can start your website with a portfolio or use social media platforms like Instagram to promote your services.

IT Services

Those who have experience and knowledge of programming, design, or testing can work in this field. There are several options to choose from:


  • Freelance development or testing;


  • Developing your solution, like an app;


  • Web design.


One can find gigs via freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr. If you have a unique idea about a new solution or an app, think about making a startup and gathering investment in developing and releasing it. After all, several huge technology businesses were started in college.


This might not sound like the most exciting idea to many, but it is a proven way to get some cash. You’ve got into college because of your knowledge, and if you can share it with others, why not make it business out of it?

You can give private lessons to children and teenagers, as well as college students that need help with a particular subject. And it can all be done online, via Zoom or Skype. It requires little to no investment. 

Still, you’ll need to prepare lessons and study materials. But it can also grow into something bigger like your own educational courses and programs.

Social Media

This is another fast-growing industry to tip your toes in. One can choose to help others or to work on their presence. This industry offers many opportunities, such as:


  • Becoming an influencer;


  • Starting a YouTube career and/or podcasting;


  • Work as a social media manager for brands or personalities;


  • Provide consultations.


All of them require a good understanding of how different platforms work, keeping abreast of the newest trends, and experience with social media. 

Creating Products

If you have some creativity flows, there is always a possibility to start your own business and sell unique self-made products. Actually, it doesn’t have to be something innovative or hi-tech. Choose something that will make you happy and can please other people. 

You can sell it on Etsy, your website, or via social media. What can you do? Here are some quick ideas:


  • Soap;


  • Candles;


  • T-shirts with unique prints;


  • Jewelry or accessories;


  • Paintings;


  • Portraits on-demand;


  • Notebooks;


  • Toys, etc.


Basically, anything you can do with your hands and offer to others will do. Good quality and unique products will always find their customers.

In Summary

Starting a business while at college is not as hard as it seems. Evaluate your options, check what services or products you can offer. Estimate the possible market and what value you can provide to future customers. 

Decide on whether to work through freelance platforms or via your own website. And go for it!



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