Active, Inactive voting status determines mailed ballots

Redondo Beach is one of 12 California cities which elects its city attorney. Photo by Kevin Cody

by Garth Meyer

Not all District Four verified signers who qualified the recall for the Oct. 19 special election were sent a ballot.

The reason is tied to whether individuals have voted in recent national elections. 

“We send out ballots to ‘Active’ voters,” said Redondo Beach City Clerk Eleanor Manzano.

Los Angeles County defines an ‘Inactive’ voter as someone who has not voted in the last two consecutive federal elections. 

An ‘Inactive’ voter would also be someone from whom a previous ballot was returned as undeliverable from their listed address.

For signers of this year’s Redondo petition to put the recall on a ballot, after the city accepted the signatures, L.A. County verified that each name was a registered voter and they live in District Four. 

Active and Inactive voter rules are determined by the California state election code. 

If a registered Redondo Beach voter does not receive a ballot in the mail, they may still go to city hall, pick up a ballot and vote.

Casting a vote in a non-federal election such as Oct. 19 would not automatically change their status to “Active” from “Inactive.” Those voters would need to contact L.A. County Elections to update their designation.

Questions about current status may be answered by city hall. 

“(Residents) can always call us,” Manzano said. “We can look up if they’re Inactive.” ER


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