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An Overview of US Casinos that have reopened

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The casino industry in the US has been hit just as hard as many other markets which are reliant on having bricks and mortar locations open to the public. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to cause complications across the country, staying up to speed with which venues are open and what kind of experience customers can expect if they decide to visit is tricky.

With that in mind, here is a look at the cities and states in which casinos have opened their doors once more, and how they are faring in a post-pandemic era.

Back in business

Las Vegas, the city of sin that is internationally renowned for its casinos and live entertainment scene, is one of the places that has managed to reopen larger businesses like this in spite of the threat still posed by coronavirus.

If you check out the list of US casinos by state and city on Casinos.us, you will see that Nevada alone has 345 within its borders. This demonstrates just how much of an economic lynchpin Las Vegas has become, and perhaps explains why keeping the city’s casinos open for business has been so important.

From Bally’s and Vdara to Luxor and the Sahara, the majority of the big name venues in Las Vegas are welcoming customers right now. However, it is worth noting that anyone who wants to visit a casino in Las Vegas or more generally across the state of Nevada will be required to wear a mask whenever they are in a public place. This includes while playing table games or spinning slots on the casino floor. Bars are also still closed state-wide, while restaurants are operating with more limited guest capacities.

Another thing to note about checking out the casinos of Vegas at this time is that most also require you to make an advanced booking if you want to do anything more than just wander aimlessly. This applies not only to restaurant reservations, but also for sessions at poker tables and even for taking a dip in swimming pools in some instances. This is all in the name of reducing infection risks and also giving employees the opportunity to carry out their more rigorous cleaning duties without being overwhelmed.

Capacity limits & closing times

The key thing to note about the casinos in other parts of the country which have now reopened is that many will also impose a cap on the number of people who are allowed in at any one time. In Oklahoma, for example, casinos are only operating at 25% of their maximum capacity. In addition to this, social distancing rules must be adhered to.

Furthermore while casinos are usually seen as entertainment venues which remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this tradition has been put on hold in many regions, with even the largest examples closing for periods in the early hours of the morning so that they can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected throughout public areas.

Montana has been moving along with a phased approach to reopening businesses since early May, and all of the almost 200 casinos which operate state-wide are required to shut up shop at 11:30pm each night. A higher capacity limit of 75% has been introduced here, although with a spike in cases seen there may be future changes to this state of affairs.

Neighboring differences

It is worth noting that in-state rules and restrictions can vary significantly. For example, while New York State is still preventing non-tribal casinos from opening up in the current circumstances, nearby New Jersey began allowing guests back into Atlantic City casinos in early July.

There are other rules to abide by as well which may come as a surprise to casino regulars. Smoking has been temporarily suspended in New Jersey casinos, for example. Some venues, including Harrah’s in Atlantic City, even used the reopening as an opportunity to give perks to their high-rollers, effectively allowing big spenders a day with the casino all to themselves before the general public were readmitted.

Future prospects

As you can see, hundreds of casinos across the US are now back in action. However, it is worth noting that aside from all of the changes to the way they operate and the rules to which guests must abide, there is also the question of how long they will be allowed to remain open.

Some states have already reinstated lockdown conditions and required businesses to close again when cases of COVD-19 increase. For casino customers, the best advice is to get in touch with the casino directly before you visit to be certain about whether or not it is indeed able to receive you, regardless of what you see online.



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