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Beach Magazine: Destinations issue

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Cover BCH June2013

Paddling with icebergs

by Dave Shivley
Pam Sousa applies her Hermosa Beach childhood surfing experience to leading stand-up surfing expeditions in Alaska.

Glamping in Big Sur

by Chelsea Sektnan
Think of it as slumming in style in one of the most beautiful camping areas in the world.

Destination bliss

A destination wedding needs to be not too close and not too far. A Hermosa couple finds a happy medium.

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The main road in Atiu, Cook Islands. Photo by Noel Bartley

The main road in Atiu, Cook Islands. Photo by Noel Bartley

Island wake-up call

by David Rosenfeld
Catalina Island native sons Greg Bombard and Tom Rutter are gently awaking sleepy Catalina Island from its slumber.

Shanghai commute

by Esther Kang
The author’s journal entry from summer 2011 chronicles a day in the life in China’s most populated metropolis.

Petros north

by Richard Foss
Manhattan Beach restaurant owner Petros Benekos finds a home away from home in the Central California wine country.

Barfly in Brittany

by Deb Lindh
The former Easy Reader Barfly columnist is now living the life she once only could wistfully write about.


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