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Beach sports – Spyder Scare N’ Tear Memorial for Frand

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The Spyder Surf Scare n’ Tear costume contest began as a memorial for Adam Frand, who died of cardiac arrest in 1998, one year short of graduating from Mira Costa High School. Over the years, proceeds from the contest have been used to place defibrillators in public places. The contest has grown from a tight group of Frand’s friends to an all ages competition  presented by Spyder Surf. Surfers are judged equally on their surfing and on their Halloween costumes.


Mini Grom Monsters (5th grade and younger): 1. Pink Ballerina 2. Kai Kushner Clown 3. Koa Balk Blue 4. Tiana Shaw Bumblebee 5.  Chase GaffneyMoney Grom 6. Bryce Nicholson Red Cape 7. Jack Brooks Skeleton 8. Charlie Johnson Green Beast 9. Chet Major Detroit Lions 10. Enzo Rodriguez Ninja.

Micro Grom Zombies (middle schoolers): 1. Lisa Boos Wonder Woman 2. Ryan Roberts Austin Powers 3. Myles Gaffney Pink Lady 4. Stone Selingson Shark 5. Nathan Smith Hillbilly 6. Chloe Millstein Butterfly.

High School Zombies: 1. Molly Roskin Harlem Globetrotter 2. Zach Rosenberg El Bandito 3. Daniel Boos Soccer player 4. Cash Cherry Grinch 5. Beck Cherry Rick & Morty 6. Chloe Walker  Harlem Globetrotter.

Crusty Creatures: 1. Tamara Lentz Snow White 2. Todd Brooks Tennis Mom 3. Alex Licausi Heavy metal 4. Jani Lange Tiki Man 5. Sarah Foley Unicorn  6. Mark Silva Deer.

Photos by Steve Gaffney (SteveGaffney.com)


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