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Best of the Beach 2016 Caterer: Lisa’s Bon Appetit

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Best of the BeachUnless you have a family member in the business or experience arranging events, finding a caterer for a milestone event like a wedding is always stressful. You are entrusting a big part of the guest experience to someone whose food you often haven’t tried. Lisa’s Bon Appetit makes it just a bit easier. You can stop in at their café in Torrance and sample a few items, and if desired you can arrange for a tasting of things you are interested in having for your event. (Within reason, of course – they’re not going to make a whole roast lamb just so you can see how it would look as a centerpiece.) Lisa’s has been catering in the South Bay since the 1970s. They have a track record of making your day special with their food. (3511 Pacific Coast Hwy. Torrance (310) 784-1077)


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