Best Criminal Defense Attorney: Nigel Villanueva

Nigel Villanueva likes being able to practice law in the community where he grew up. Photo by Shelley Crawford

Nigel Villanueva likes being able to practice law in the community where he grew up. Photo by Louis Gabriel

When asked whether there was a philosophical thread that tied together the many cases he handles in his law practice, attorney Nigel Villanueva did not hesitate.

“On every single case, the client needs to be apprised of everything. I’m here to give them my judgment and expertise, but ultimately everything comes down to their decision,” Villanueva said.

It’s a refreshing attitude at a time when failure to communicate with clients is by far the most common source of disciplinary violations for attorneys. For the Redondo Beach-based Villanueva, this level of respect and involvement flow naturally from his deep involvement in the community that provides the bulk of his clients. He and his wife are South Bay natives, and their children attend local schools. In recognition of the fact that crises don’t keep business hours, he keeps an “open door” policy, remaining available to clients seven days a week.

After accumulating a few years of experience, he opened his South Bay practice in 2004. He relishes complex criminal defense cases, often assisting clients accused of assault and battery or narcotics violations. He has also branched out into a personal injury practice in recent years,which he took over from a former partner.

He said the most satisfying part of his job, however, comes from representing children in juvenile court.

“Meeting up with kids who are 14 years old, locked up and and separated from their parents…resolving those cases matters.”


Law Office of Nigel Villanueva

220 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., #106.

Redondo Beach.

(310) 318-0018.


Runner-Up: The Law Offices David C. Paquin (Oceanview Law Group)

1145 Artesia Blvd., #207.

Manhattan Beach.

(310) 379-5529.


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