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Best Restaurant for a Special Occasion

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Chez Melange Bell Tate Ostini

Special occasions at Chez Melange include evenings like last year when Hitching Post chef Frank Ostini (of “Sideways” fame) dropped by to give a hand to executive chef Robert Bell and line chef Jim Tate. Photos by Kevin Cody

Best of the BeachChez Melange – You can decide what to have at some special occasion restaurants before you leave the house – the menu never changes, so you’ll have the same steak that you had at the last anniversary, and the one before that. This is not the case at Chez Melange, which offers an ever-changing selection of the most eclectic, interesting food in the South Bay. There are a few constant stars in the firmament, some dishes that will satisfy the unadventurous, but adventure beckons from the specials menu. Even if your event isn’t exciting, the food will be.
Chez Melange: 1611 S. Catalina, RB (310) 540-1222.
Runner-up: Zane’s, 1150 Hermosa Ave., HB. (310) 374-7488.


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