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Best Seafood Soup: Fishbar

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They make a pretty fantastic clam chowder (winning this year’s Clam Chowder award) and have specials like cioppino, but we’re betting the reason that Fishbar won this category is their salmon chowder.Best of the Beach This is not the clam chowder made using salmon, but a completely different chowder with overtones of dill, thyme, and pepper. Those herbs complement the smooth, rich taste of salmon in creamy stock, and even if you’ve had salmon chowder before this will be a revelation. Salmon chowder is not a new idea – fish chowders like this have been made since at least the 1700s – and Fishbar’s version makes an old idea come very alive.

Fishbar: 3801 Highland, MB. 310-796-0200.

Runner-up: Bluewater Grill, 665 Harbor Dr., RB. 310-318-FISH (3474).

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