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Endless Session, Day 330: Intro to Aquatics, Round 2

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By Morgan Sliff

For me right now, progress is in the form of moving my limbs. And so naturally, I was very carefully jumping for joy when I was able to sleepily turn my alarm off this morning, and I realized it was with my right arm.

Still needing assistance from my surf family and not getting over-excited about being able to slowly wave to familiar passerby’s with my sprained shoulder, I enlisted again in the help of Mr. Clark McTaggart, and as we walked down the sand, the painful hour of pulling and stretching and digging and pressing with my sports doctor last night must have done the trick. I’m actually feeling better.

The waves were bigger today. Some south swell made its way into the South Bay, but Hermosa, blocked partially by PV and Catalina from southern waves, wasn’t getting the full effect, even though it still felt like a bit of a washing machine. Clark and I plunged in, and he positioned me into a few waves and helped me sail down some whitewater.  My surf family has really made this all possible — the few days that I’ve gone out by myself have been quite trying to say the least.


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