Help the Homeless Help Themselves

June and Warren Schwarzmann and Donna Finkel and Marilyn Weiker.

Fran Wielin and Janet Smith.

Help the Homeless Help Themselves
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration
Happy Days, Back to the 50’s was this year’s theme for HHHT’s annual fundraise held in early May at Los Verdes Golf Club. . Most of the guests came dressed in their favorite fifties fashions. Entertainment was provided by Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley impersonators and the Time Machine Band. Since the founding of HHHT by the late Bill Finkel and his wife Bunny 25 years ago, this all volunteer committee has contributed over $2,000,000 to nine service providers in the South Bay to assist the homeless and those on the verge of homelessness. Kathy Bradford headed up the event committee.
Photos by Mary Jane Schoenheider

George Gleghorn get a kiss from Marilyn on his birthday.

Aaron and Maude Landon.

Dianna and Ray Martin.

Bill and Evelyn Chidsey.

Arnold Ng and Sherri and Garry Tossell.

Tom and Kelly Intagilata.

Dick and Arline Grotz.

Jim Hall and Pam Barrett and Dick and Joan Moe.

Rascha and David Hall, Mary Wolfson and Barrie Grenell.

Jack and Betty Reider.

Barb and Bill Ailor and Linda Elliott and her husband Ray Johnson.

June and Warren Schwarzmann and Donna Finkel and Marilyn Weiker.


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